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  1. Thomas Gorman

    I’m Tampa bay right outside of in Valrico Florida a sinkhole opened up under the man’s bedroom swallowed him in the bed just over the bedroom and then never did find him I live down there at the time That shit was freaky

  2. Kidkratos ki

    🙏 ❤ 🙏.

  3. Code3Forever

    There seems to be a lot of sinkholes happening all over the world. Siberia, China and even the US. Have any experts or engineers in this field come up with the theory or reason why this is happening more frequently now?

  4. Adam Salter

    Video: Ends at 25 seconds.
    Editor: Add 20 seconds dead air & plug other shitty videos.

  5. Carrieann Guerrero

    Oh dear God, that is horrible. I will pray for those who are her and for those missing. If this is a sink hole the people who work or live around where this happened might want to not live or work in those areas untill the danger is gone. We have sink holes in America and in Florida they kept happening and it had swallowed a couple of houses and in another place in Florida a guy sleeping in his home was swallowed up never to be found again. That is a horrific way to die. To fall inside earth in the pitch dark. God bless everyone who has ever died in that fashion.

  6. iSxpe #1 Fan

    street made in China

  7. Vote Republican

    Made in China

  8. dualsport rider

    Dam sink holes and busses costing human life i hope VA bans them soon.

  9. Darius Popa

    Where was SHAZAM!?

    Edit: for those who don’t get the reference


  10. Boss Hoggg

    Mexxican drug tunnel

  11. shin chan

    Well all the money that went to Africa and military could have been sent over there to the poorest areas of China.

  12. Wes Frazier

    The four missing will be poping up in somebody's backyard shortly.

  13. Stew Thomas

    And this is why China is a joke of a first world nation. Their economy is propped up by the theft of intellectual property and fake growth based around the construction of their notorious ghost cities and the expansion of population centers like this one through corner cutting and shoddy construction work. They don’t give a damn about their own people they simply care about appearing to be strong and prosperous. Shithole.

  14. Russell

    What is with China and sinkholes? Is it just the soil?

  15. Cole Turner

    They didn't have a Chinaman's chance in HELL…

  16. Frankie Chileman

    The four that are missing got off the bus one stop before the bus went in the hole…js

  17. Spin-C Throws Hands

    That bus is just foreshadowing what will happen to China if they don't make a deal with us in the trade war lol.

  18. Feeber Izer

    IMO the word "disaster" is overused these days. Yes, this is sad, and heartbreaking for the families of those who died, but a country already struggling to recover from a hurricane and then be hit by multiple earthquakes is a true disaster…

  19. A.E. Zavala

    Its the prophecy of Sink Hole de Mayo

  20. lizard 559

    This is what Hk has to look forward to.

  21. Nathaniel Reyes

    Welcome to a Communist Nation…

  22. D W

    Is the street that the sinkhole on called Sum-Ting-Wong?

  23. D W

    Fortune Cookie:
    "Everyday trip takes you to unexpected places"

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