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  1. StL Grad of 2023

    Skull and Pat, thanks 4 helping my dads hospitalization 4 cardiac arrest, cuz he showed u guys 2 me since the original cuphead rap

  2. Lee Bros Gaming

    Could you do a halo rap plz?

  3. Stereotypical Metalhead

    I like in the trailers they put in metal songs. You can tell I like that from my name

  4. Novatheboss 101

    I'm waiting for the outer world's rap

  5. Novatheboss 101

    This is my new favorite

  6. Bloominblu

    The 2nd verse was fire.
    Change my mind.

  7. slenderzombie 65

    Blows cod bo4 rap out of the water… or should i say it payed the price of battle royal

  8. Konferious Gaming


  9. marshall starr


  10. Kevin Vu

    Sadly everyone camps and head glitch hard

  11. Benjamin Farrell

    Wow there’s only 94 dislikes why?

  12. Chaotic Flame

    5 seconds in Oh boy this gonna go from 0-100 I can feel it!

  13. Amparo Serigny

    Can you try to do an enter the gungen rap for any character or the game in general

  14. Levi wonder

    Rip soap i played all the cod modern warfare's, been a while

  15. K1ngSc0ut 24

    I know you guys normally don't take requests, but……..

    I'd REALLY love to see a Meta Runner rap!

  16. Random Pigeon MUSIC

    I loved the instrumental call back to the mw2 rap, this was insane guys, the chorus is lit!

  17. mtj779

    I died like 5 times trying to defend the guy dragging his friend at 0:48

  18. fenerbahce28efe 132

    Really nice but make rap of apex legend pls

  19. Jedi Dragon

    Jt you have to do a pokemon sword and shield Rap pls

  20. Comic Inkling

    A war is coming and Death is awaiting

  21. Lindinho Gamer X12

    Muito bom cara sou seu fã

  22. Demis isgay

    "Pay the Price of war"-i see what u did there

  23. Divisional

    Does this song have spoilers?

  24. aidan martin

    War musical to my ears

  25. Enter If you dare

    The game was AWESOME

  26. Macndre

    This song should be called “the price of war”

  27. Alex

    My full name is Alex John Pryce so my friends call me Captain. Price

  28. Ace sniper0811

    I love your raps it is the best in the world. P.s. I really want this game because you😁

  29. Nier Nero


  30. Super Gogeta

    You know a game is good, when people make a rap music vid about it.

  31. Francis Harkins

    The Outer Worlds rap coming up anytime in the future?

  32. Ian Docherty

    Yo Skull and Pat will you make a rap for #teamtrees!?

  33. div 4ove4ec

    Geimari napred

  34. KireinaHikariキレイナヒカリ

    I'm never gonna get sick of this song!

    This is amazing!

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