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  1. Wade Landsburg

    What happened to his head?

  2. Z R

    Yes he can !! But he can not force them back to USA … smart companies will leave China !! ))

  3. Warren Mundell

    This is funny. Costco just opened a first store in China. They plan to open many more. This will tick Trump off.

  4. Virak Thong

    Wallace needs to be on MSNBC not on FOX News please.

  5. Bob's World

    Trump worshipers can't handle news anchors. They only like right wing opinion hosts like Hannity who work for Trump.

  6. Stephen R. Resler

    Wallace is a fine mouthpiece for PRC interests.


    Omg Chris Wallace's voice is so annoying, it sounds like his boyfriend is giving him a blow job and humming as loud and as hard as he can while squeezing Chris's balls and Chris sounds like he does the news while that is happening to him! It sounds like his voice is vibrating from the humming and painful stutter when doing the news and has that scared tone like he's afraid someone is going to catch him!

  8. MongolK1Ng L0G1C


  9. Anjalena

    Yes, I believe Trump's "chosen one" statement was tongue in cheek for Dems and non-supporters. But it had double meaning. There was subtext that some would miss. He's dog whistling to his base because they, especially the Qanon folks, are setting him up as like a messianic figure. They have for over 2.5 yrs. I warned my Mom about it about 2 yrs ago since she's one of those supporters and she blew me off. Now she's all in with the Qanon people and believes all these conspiracies, etc. And they, being mentally vulnerable and already setting him up as a messianic figure, will hear that dog whistle and come running. They will get it and I'm afraid that they will get worse, not better.

  10. TMY TCO

    Who the hell is Wallace to criticise Trump's effective approach to China. America to Wallace: sit down and shut up. If you watch carefully you might learn something. ..

  11. kimberly Graves

    We need to get out of China. Now make MAGA hats in the USA. We need to make all Trump products in the USA

  12. Dear Father

    Lol, tell Costco to leave

  13. william musser

    It appears he’s trying to drive and push towards a specific narrative hmmm sounds familiar 🤔???

  14. Pablo Lavios

    Wallace you equal a piece of s*** f*** you never have nothing good to say you're a piece of s*** Wallace equals s*** f*** you Wallace


    Once again YOU ARE A HACK WALACE

  16. Kurt Brewka

    Trump has bed bugs

  17. Joel Sattler

    Xi is smarter than Trump. Tougher too. A stone cold killer.
    The U.S. debt to China is $1.11 trillion as of May 2019. That's about 5% of the total debt.

  18. Eric Claeyborn

    I've been boycotting China products ever since the tariff wars started with China. I'd rather spend a couple of dollars more on U.S. products. It will be worth it later.

  19. R EE

    shhh , china mite be listening, just play along.

  20. James B

    He didn't say he has second thoughts. I saw what he said, stop taking his words out of context. What you fake news puppets won't tell the audience is how President Donald Trump a little while before that said he is still firm on China, and he has not changed his mind. This selective fake news is disgusting.

  21. williams dictator

    Chinese communist party literally explode with rage due to foreigners already be sanity from now on.

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