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  1. Cuong T0

    I’m Vietnamese/Chinese if others wearing Viet/Chinese dress i would be proud.

  2. NightmareXL

    I don’t mind if a white chick wears brown clothing or a hijab. That’s actually pretty cool if they do.

  3. Michael Hunt

    Thanks Lauren for another great video! Best wishes

  4. Matthieu Simard

    Black people wearing traditional hispanic clothes: Cultural embracement. White people wearing the same, cultural appropriation.
    Black people wearing a tie and jacket: Cultural embracement. White people with dreadlocks: Cultural appropriation.

  5. Alex Trujillo

    mmmmm…TACO… You can wear a sombrero while eating a taco and I wouldn't be offended.

  6. Friend of the Devil


  7. TempleofBrendaSong

    White girl should wear Hanfu the REAL Chinese dress.

  8. Dark Knight

    Is she a trump supporter if she is fuck her

  9. Beast bombshell hero

    I’m a year behind but Lauren you look stunning in the red top 😍

  10. David Deane

    to the girl who wore the chines dress all you had to say i bought this dress i own it and i will were it when and where i want to.and you look damn good in it.

  11. Marcello SDLT

    "My culture is not your goddamm (sic) prom dress?"… Well "sir", her life is none of your goddamN business.

  12. Chicago London Girl

    His culture is not her prom dress?

    HER culture is not his PUNCHING BAG.

  13. SweetFroggy

    There’s nothing wrong with it… it’s just clothing. The dresses are beautiful and I myself am tempted to wear it.

  14. ERROR 404

    I like your qipao or cheongsam

  15. Trance YT

    Eats samosa
    Omg how dare you eat samosas, that's racist towards Indians. You should go die you racist, white, ignorant idiot.
    So me eating & trying foods from different places of the world is racist? What??? XD

  16. JRVBG 9612

    Tacos? What?

    We mexicans are kinda proud ( i said kinda because we want foreigners to try other mexican dishes but whatevs ) that people from other cultures like mexican stuff

    I lived in Hungary for a while and i was proud that they celebrate 5 de Mayo and liked my mariachi sombrero

    SJW’s mind your own business

  17. Stretch Opotomus

    June: Cultural Appropriation Month!
    To Appropriate is to Appreciate! 😀

  18. daniel cobbins

    Several months ago, Kennedy, a commentator on FBN sat down with a woman from India to discuss cultural appropriation. Both women were wearing Saris, and the lady from India said "You are not appropriating my culture, you are getting it out there" Kennedy was sharing this with all of her viewers.

  19. Emily Lewis


    Jeremy Lam: my CuLTurE iS NOT YouR gODdaMN prOM dREsS

  20. pink_iru

    I actually would love that my culture was so popular like the Chinese or the mexican one. Not very much people are interested in peruvian culture and i really love the idea about clothes inspired on my culture. And this kind of things just make it more difficult, how are I supposed to share my culture with the world when some dumbass in the Internet believes that it is racist to enjoy cultures that aren't yours?

  21. Super JLK

    If they're not making fun of it then why get upset? People should be happy that other cultures can appreciate their fashion.

  22. Nina’s Notes

    Traditionally (Chinese) I was told a RED qipoa is only worn by a bride on her wedding day. Please explain if I am wrong.

  23. waterborne

    Cultural appropriation? If that's a must then virtually everyone must get out of their houses, clothes, cars and move into the woods again. Virtually everyone in the world relies on something from another culture. Most modern things are primarily European followed by East Asian.

  24. Donny Schort

    This is America "the melting pot of the world", so there is no way in hell any American can appropriate another culture as our country is literally made up of all cultures from around the world. So to those of you who claim someone is appropriating a culture grow up and learn about your own country (America).

  25. TheStones1965

    So Chinese boutiques don’t want tourists buying these dresses due to cultural appropriation??? Really!!!! Ya think????

  26. Sascha Günther

    o yes and if a non withe chooses to wear a "Dirndel or Lederhose" i am a racisit i think let everyone wear the clothes the want

  27. Sascha Günther

    o how dare of you to wear this dress you are not asian enough looking to have the right to wear it. it makes a lot of sense i think all asians should stop to wear Blue Jeans or T- Shirts

  28. Melodie Chartier

    but why white though? is it ok for black girls or arab girl to wear an asian outfit???

  29. Yatshie

    Oh let me buy this Chinese dress cause muhahahaha I don't like the Chinese culture and I WILL WEAR THIS ALL DAY HAHAHAHAHA

  30. ukkr


    For what it is worth, that dress looks nice on you. The fit is good, the color is attractive, and even the slightly different texture and color shimmering is nice. Nobody would ridicule a woman for wearing it. Could you imagine the laughter against the person, and the bad press? And the same goes for a sari on indians. Even with MEN, wearing traditional indian garb, people are accepting with them like they have seen them all their lives. I have seen cinese wearing things like that, and japanese dress. I never ridiculed it, and never saw it ridiculed. IRONICALLY, some ridicule germans for wearing Dirndles or lederhosen! I haven't, but I have heard people do so. Frankly I am fine with that. lederhosen have their place of use, and are still ornate. And I like dirndles. They are a traditional house dress even worn in public by women in baveria. Of course SOME say NOBODY wears them outside of octoberfest.

    Anyway, imitation IS flattery!

  31. Ian Edit

    As a native American and Jewish person I have 100% no issue with anyone being apart of the culture who wasnt originally in it. I don't mind if you use our symbols, our cloths, spiritual things or such, so long you arent down right being disrespectful. But hey if cultural appropriation is bad then I guess I'm a major offender since I love Japanese culture, food, architecture and a really Japanese anything.

  32. WhiteTrash Panda

    Cultural appropriation is a retarded myth.
    Nobody with half a brain actually gives a shit.
    I have a kimono shirt (or whatever the term is for the male kung fu style shirt-i don't remember at the moment) given to me by a friend who is actually directly from China. He is in the U.S. studying medicine and on one of his visits back home he bought me this shirt. I freaking love the shirt (even though it is too warm for me most of the time).
    Most people, particularly those from asian countries are all for sharing their culture with others. I attended a Christian church for a while that was almost entirely Chinese. I celebrated the lunar new year with them, went to their hot-pot dinners etc. and they were more than happy to have me there and share the culture with me and most even complimented me when i wore the shirt. though i did get a few strange looks from some of the people who i didn't know, the majority of them thought it was cool that i wanted to partake in their culture that way.

  33. Ziv Atad

    wearing a chinese dress isn't racist if you're not chineses
    saying people can't embrace things from other cultures is racist (but only if they are white they'll complain about it).

  34. Ben McDonald

    The ironic thing is that statements like this are in and of themselves racist, saying that only people of that nationality can wear those types of clothes, it's kinda like saying only Chinese people should set foot in China, or only Scottish people should be able to wear kilts, they're trying to eliminate racism but in doing so they're creating a whole new type of racism

  35. Jacob Harris

    If it's offensive for whites to wear Chinese dresses, can we talk about Nicki Minaj's record Chun-li where she completely massacred and sexualized traditional Chinese clothes? Or princess of China by coldplay?

  36. Levin Soh

    "Foreigners CAN WEAR Chinese Dresses!" -SerpentZA

  37. True North

    Some black and sjw called out white's for cornrows… Proceed to rip off Asian culture and brag about owning top line Italian cars and clothing. Hypocrisy is real.

  38. John Stockton

    Can whites wear this? yes they fucking can and they should if only out of defiance to give the middle finger to the arrogant hypocrites on the extreme left. We have to stop letting these tossers run our politics and our lives. Surely we've seen enough evidence of their questionable morality.

  39. PruCan Productions

    I get yelled at by people in my town for wearing Middle Eastern clothes I do not wear the Hijab or Nijab or any head covering at all nor am I middle eastern or even of the Muslim faith I just found originally a couple of middle eastern dresses in a thrift store that had beautiful beadwork and embroidery on them and so I bought them knowing what I was going to head for a bunch of trouble as not only am I Caucasian a female and let alone I have my hair cut short I knew I would be scorned

    Sure enough I was told by a couple people to go put something on thats more American or that I should stop trying to make it look like it was okay to be Middle Eastern as I live in a town with a large population of middle eastern people to begin with this ticked me off it helped when a middle eastern Woman actually smiled and told me I looked lovely in my outfit she overheard the comments the people were making about me and told me to never mind them that i may not have been apart of her people but I could wear their clothes if I wanted to because clothes only have a culture if they are assigned it another commented and told me that she was happy to see someone else being brave enough to wear such an item in the turbulent times I was genuinely happy to make these ladies happy and nowadays I wear these two dresses whenever i can because not only have they become my favorite pieces of clothing but I feel like I am out there showing people clothes from different cultures can be for everyone no matter what as long as you are respectful about it.

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