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  1. Lyn Facturanan

    i just tried the cookie recipe it was great!!! 😭😂😂😂😂 thank you erwan 😭

  2. Dolores Rosario

    Made sure to watched ur vid pero wala pa ako nagagawaaaaaa huhuhu

  3. Felicidad Tumaca

    Fuck lakas mong mang demo wala naman kwinta binibake mo. Hindi lht NG manunuod tanga.

  4. Kim Dennise Sandoval

    Wow, Delicious Brownies

  5. Kim Dennise Sandoval

    Wow, Delicious Brownies

  6. Tah T.

    Gwapo 100%, I'm so distracted by the looks.

  7. twinny Wally

    Looks delicious!

    Btw i like the new look. Guapo hair&outfits.

  8. Rei Kun

    Thank you for sharing this Erwan-San! Will definitely do your recipe again soon. 🤗

  9. Aibhee

    Can you make a vlog series of how you do Miss Anne's pregnancy healthy meal. Thank you! It would be a big help for a preganant women out there.

  10. Margaux Louiz

    Boiled sweet potato has a high glycemic index. 😊

  11. dreamstoreality

    But i dont have oven😥

  12. gladys parinas serain


  13. Thom Spencer Cabiles

    I wanna try 😅🥰

  14. Mae Lim

    What I love about this video is super easy to make and you can find the ingredients everywhere. Thank you for this! I'm a huge fan of desserts and of course, a huge fan of yours! 👏👏👏

  15. th3s1gns

    🤤 🤤 🤤

  16. Liyan Lopez

    The best 💕

  17. Ren Pilak

    Butter is healthy 😉!

  18. Angela T

    Instead of peanut butter for the cookies, can it be almond butter?

  19. Hazel Opilan

    Thanks for the recipes will start making these

  20. d genesis

    I was about to buy that uniqlo work jacket you're wearing hahahahhahahahaha

  21. Mekway Mek

    8 eggs???

  22. E R R I E L

    I love these desserts with only 3 ingredients each! My husband & I are new to baking world 😅 we tried baking cookies, brownies & protein bar (w/peanut butter) but never thought of these easy way! 😁 will definitely try these..let's see ☺️

  23. moonlightscamp

    If Erwan will notice this I'll start to lose weight! 🤭🥰

  24. Vincent Jay Ferrancullo

    Kuya can you make no bake dessert

  25. mama mo

    ahhh i'm early 🙋❤

  26. Mockingjay

    the reason why this guy is not getting 1M views even tho he’s got awesome “cinematography” is because he is TOO basic and the food he cooks isnt really appealing.. oh and did i mention pretentious? lol
    You’re a “travel” and “food” blogger.. get some character in these videos man.

  27. Xiomara Fiallos

    Hi thanks for the dessert sweet potato sounds healthy and chocolate cake yummy 😋🙏🌹

  28. Irene Amora

    Ooh my Like I love dessert🍰❤️❤️
    I'm so gonna try these one soon…
    Thank you for the easy quicky ingre. 😊😊❤️❤️

  29. Jesca Miranda

    Can you do a no bake desserts?? Huhuhu

  30. Sai-Sai Tandog

    Beacause of erwan i survive my first day diet 😍

  31. arnsty

    Especially my such so nicely into kuya young brother buy me birthday chocolate cocoa mousse brownie cake. I just like to buy pepperidge farm chocolate chip macadamia nut or there was different kind brand name flavor cookie, that taste so delicious and yummy mix with vanilla soyabean protein milkshake.

  32. Kent Matthew Escalona

    Easy Keto Diet Desserts 🙏❤

  33. Cons Mons Nourish

    Yum erwan ..

  34. Dennis Leocadio

    Thanks for the recipe I'm going to try it 😄

  35. Marissa W

    What sad case is thumbs down-ing this? Clearly never enjoyed eating a stick of butter.

  36. flosset

    awesome content! Thrilled and just wished to share that still simply cannot believe I lost 62 pounds weight with this fantastic routine revealed here, just Google without gaps EZdiets101 .c o m

  37. lurdz22

    Will definitely try to brownie recipe! 😁

  38. Mikka Luna

    Just what I needed!!

  39. Lowrence Sakl'


  40. scarlet catcher012

    My mouth is wateringgg!! 😍

  41. Michelle Quintia

    Sugarfree peanut butter is sweetened tho. No sugar added peanut butter is that unsweetened variant you are talking about.

  42. Keren Joy Matiga

    Been looking for less ingredients to make a dessert!! Thank u so much erwan ☺❤

  43. Louie Anne Capulso

    I will definitely try that peanut butter cookies 🥰

  44. Froilan Carl


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