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  1. Jane Doe

    China is your friend? I guess those hostages aren't your family.

  2. Larry McMullen

    That comment exemplifies the philosophy of our current government. Pierre Trudeau was a Marxist disguised as a liberal and so is our current " leader" He said he admired China because they get things done. A personal philosophy propagated by total control.

  3. pamela kingwell

    This is ridiculous from the minister! Red China HATES all religion, NOT just the Muslim religion!

  4. Eastern Discovery Channel

    Haha. He must love those Red Chinese money bags..

  5. Democracy is western plague. Like how do pest control in Xin Jiang we will do pest control in Canada. You should respect and obey most Glorious nation China. I am so proud to be a Chinese. We Chinese are the Smartest, strongest and greatest race.

  6. Andy Liao

    Trudeau's government is sleepy. SAD! Maybe Doug Ford can MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN MCGA2023!

  7. ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ

    Canada belongs to China

  8. Zhuang Wen Sun

    Bark bark bark cut the diplomatic relations then ? Do it now ! No backbone ? No dignity ? No guts ?

  9. Ed Bouchard

    Sajjan can keep his opinions to himself, Minister Of Defence what a farce, guess he has his built in helmet.

  10. Germain de Hong Kong

    He’s just trying to change the soiled diaper for Trudeau by telling the truth.

  11. Casual Gamer

    I think this is just empowering China's actions so everytime they feel that its not in their best interest then they would just bully there way again but sad to see that the bullied one right now is Canada. Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, India, HongKong , Taiwan and now even Canada 😞 sad.

  12. Sandra Nelson

    China has been the neighborhood bully to the world for generations. They have the supreme knowledge that their way is the best, every other country is subpar. They don't feel friendly to any other country, or see the need to. They don't see the need to get along. It's their way or the highway. They couldn't care less what the rest of the world thinks about them.
    I say hand the Huawei bint back to them, and get the hostages back. America is showing no interest in helping get this sorted, so why should we dip knee to the US? Our priority has to be our own people.

  13. R G

    No one is suggesting that China is perfect but considering them an adversary and not a equal sovereign state in the world is straightforward counterproductive. They probably haven’t the best human rights record in the world but they have managed to lift some 400million people out of absolute poverty in the last 30yrs and are on target to eliminate poverty in China all together within the next decade. The largest such uplift of people in human history and is something other countries could only dream about. China needs to work at things, like all countries even Canada, but what they don’t need is us wagging our pathetic little finger at them because we’ve got it all figured out.

  14. Be Truthfull Informed

    If the Liberals and ALL media were not so Anti Trump, the usa would help us with managing our issues with China. Media in Canada is 100% Anti Trump, so most people hate trump too. However, 95% chance he will win the 2020 election as the Americans like him. Until we get Liberals out of power, or The west leaves Canada and just lets the lady in Vancouver go. The poor Canadians are staying in prison. So sad.

  15. Spazzy BOI

    The Liberals have no regard for national security

  16. R G

    If Canada was to consider every country that does bad things as an adversary / enemy, we will find ourselves completely and totally isolated.

  17. Rolland Miller

    Harjit Sajjan said Canada doesn’t consider China to be an adversary Thank you for Common Sense.

  18. Charzan Boo

    British Columbia is already annexed by China with all the money laundering, foreign-bought homes and condos, and paid-off politicians. Richmond letting businesses not require to be advertised in English was a big red flag. "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" – Sun Tzu

  19. Chris Smith

    China is enemy to Western Civilization and Democracy.

  20. C L

    more low IQ Liberal fodder. Canada is NOT well served by these weak bozos. Wake up people

  21. xanthanx

    Canada is so f**ked up!

  22. Norma Jackson

    The writing is in the record. China is dangerous. Time to step back and NOT sell Canada out. Not only US but European Countries are banning Huawei because of serious spy issues. Is Canada so weak as to give in to the bully?

  23. luc thin

    China is meddling in Australian’s politics & messing around with countries in the Pacific such as Vietnam and the Philippines. Canada should be careful.

  24. Krystyna Sosulski

    No kidding. Tell this to these two Canadians jailed in China.

  25. who care nobody

    Just send an army to China to free those muslims people already. And spend out tax money to bring them back so they can have a nice life in Canada.

  26. Tim Olheiser

    Hauwei is a branch of the Chinese spy agency. They have a backdoor in their 5G system that they use to spy on their host country. That was found by the Americans. British MI6 has a special unit to watch Hauwei in Great Britian. They are a wolf in sheeps clothing. Our Defence Minister is in denial. 5G is and experimental network, used to spy on you and your neighbours.  We do not know what the frequencies will do to us and our childrens development.  Contracts the Chinese get businesses and countries to sign,  have them wave their countries rights and adopt Chinese laws and  rules.  It is Communism. It is social credit scores. It is population control. It is gender equality. A subtle reduction of freedom of speech, and human rights, till we only have no rights, but only privileges. China is an adversary.

  27. Alien Humanoid

    china plays go the west plays chess

  28. Marcin Hibner

    soon as USA looses a few more $billions for the army since i hear its loosing money at higher speed now more than ever, you can feel and hear the the China drones wings and jets starting to swirl its propellers and in a bout a year it will invade Canada that's how it will start and at that same time USA will ask Canada for all its Cash stashed cause people wont fight unless they get payed.

  29. Ken Shackleton

    The current Liberal government is going to flush this country down the drain.

  30. Tom Mann

    It seems Canada should have voted in the Peoples Party in a landslide majority, instead of the liberal farty./C.I.G.A.(Canada Is Great Again)

  31. Andre Van Graan

    Lol…..Gotta love Turdeau's government….it's the "Punch and Judy Show" folks! 😂😂😂 This minister is the same guy chastised by a store owner for spitting out cherry pits outside his store. I don't think he has a clue as to what's going on 😂😂😂 More cherries, boss?

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