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  1. Steven Mcdermott

    one of the best films I have ever seen it was a top musical and very underrated better than montypython films

  2. Vash Starwind

    I never get tired of watching this

  3. Maryam Bibi


  4. Maryam Bibi

    What is everyone talking about

  5. Spirit Level Studios

    Thanks for teh upload ☺

  6. Alexander Ortiz

    This was a schpadoinkle movie

  7. JohnnyFingerlove

    My favorite movie of all time. I get to se it live on stage this weekend, Shpadoinkle!

  8. Matt Lloyd

    1:11:53 "you guys look… Abe Lincoln"

  9. Brandon Blair

    I had no idea this was even a thing…

  10. lot24

    "You know what Bill? I think you really lost it. And I don't think you really killed these guys in self-defense either, you just killed them- And I'm telling"

    Single greatest line of dialogue I've ever fucking heard.

  11. JOHNNY Walker

    I wish troma can make more dinosaur movie

  12. vamos vamos

    these guys are satanic cannibals i bet they are

  13. Phil Roach

    The songs in this film are epic! If you're in a bad place count on these guys to always cheer you up!!!

  14. pa co

    This is the most underrated movie in the world

  15. John DiLoreto

    If you want the movie to sync up with the Drunk commentary, start the commentary after about 14-15 seconds of this video

  16. Justin Sigler

    fuck you packer!

  17. Michael Igoe

    Fudge, Packer ?

  18. Fat Loser

    You guys look, Abe Lincoln.

  19. SicCoyote

    "You don't think we are Indians?? We have teepees! Look at all these teepees…. we have, because, we are … Indians!"

  20. lukasewing

    At 1:01:48, I think I just saw Trey Parker and Matt Stone's first secret alien reference! For a few frames, the snowman's head is shaped like an alien's.


  21. lukasewing

    I guess this comment is expected to include the word, "shpadoinkle".


  22. Yamadan506


  23. AttentionJunkie

    Wow they did all this for $25,000 of course this was in the 90s

  24. The Fat Punisher

    The song Trey sings at the campfire about the horse.

    it was literally to good for the movie, Like just way to well done for such an amateur film.

  25. Melissa ortmeier

    this movie was great.

  26. KillerHelix

    13:20 I swear to god that has to be Joel Hodgson.

  27. Dignity F

    so many adds

  28. Carl TheBraincel

    I think Mat was playing a prymordial Kyle Broflovski.

  29. poppypods

    i give this film ten bags of popcorn, and a pair of cyclops sunglasses

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