Capoeira martial arts style – is this a style or an art?

Capoeira is one of the martial arts styles born in Brazil about 400 years ago from African descent slaves. This style is very unique compared to Chinese or Japanese martial arts. I don't know of any other art that contains extreme power, spiritual stimulation, art and skill.

Capoeira is designed to be used by everyone, regardless of height, weight and age. This style can be seen as a social event rather than a traditional self-defense category; it has a long history and a long tradition. It includes music, dance, exotic sports and fighting. There are also games in Capoeira's daily activities, one of which is especially called 'Jogo', you are in a group of students, you have to complete various aerial presentations and routines. This may take years to perfect and master. Imagine the festival in Rio de Janeiro. The Capoeria game contains many shows on the festival.

From a combative point of view, Capoeira is known as one of the martial arts styles that are good at self-defense, don't let actor technology deceive you; it can be used for fatal results. As we all know, these technologies seem to be everywhere and against opponents. Opponents who see this dancing person in front of them may be confused. Students use a lot of acrobatic movements, which are difficult to confront because of the sheer speed of the students.

Capoeria is the most popular in Brazil with hundreds of people. It's not so popular in North America, but it can still be found in the dojo. It is more like a lifestyle choice for South America and Brazil, just like Japan's Aikido and Chinese Kung Fu. Trying to learn these complex moves can also be a bit remote. If something goes wrong, you can cause some real damage to yourself, and the learning curve is very steep.

As early as 1974, Capoeria became the national sport of Brazil. When I heard this, I was very surprised because I thought the sport would be football because they did produce the best football players in the world. However, Brazil has accepted this martial art, not many martial arts styles like Muay Thai, and it has been widely promoted in clubs and children's schools. I do think that over time, it will be more and more popular in the Western world, just like many other martial arts in the past two decades, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is largely captured. But if you like something a little different from the regular, why not give Capoeria a chance.

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