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  1. allen cranny

    Wouldn’t go near carnival

  2. Binge Travelers - All Things Disney

    I was actually on the Carnival Fantasy a couple days after the failed health inspection… and will be making a video on my experience, OH BOY IT'S gonna be a DOOZY!!

    Worst cruise ship I have ever been on.

  3. Set-Apart Marketing

    Yuck, we were just on the Carnival Fantasy this month Aug 1- Aug 5, 2019, we get back and the next day we hear this news. – Wow, and Yes it did real SUCK on it too!!!!

  4. Amy Kondrath

    The last ship we went on was Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas. Their report was on 06/09/2019 – score 97. We're going on Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas in November and their last report was 10/28/2018 – score 98. Pretty good:)

  5. Tanya Jackson

    Carnival Liberty 95 (11/2018) Going in Sept. 2019.

  6. Terry Bond

    What was that ship every one got sick on a while back
    Anyone remember?🤔

  7. angryagain68

    Carnival seems to be the "cousin Eddy" of the cruise line industry.

  8. ScottH827

    I haven’t had any problems with Carnival cruises. I have two cruises booked next year. One one the new Panorama and the one on the Spirit going Alaska. We are excited

  9. Paul Towarnicki

    Great information. My last cruise was on the Disney Wonder to Baja California. The Wonder scored a 100! And my next cruise will be in the Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy and it scored a 94.

  10. Edward Travels

    Carnival sure has been in the news a lot lately

  11. M Belcher

    We were on the Fantasy from July 13th-18th and other than it being an old ship we had no issues. The crew was constantly cleaning and overall we were pleased with the service.

  12. Bettina Heilman

    Carnival really needs to do a lot better

  13. BlueLabrador

    My next cruise is also Celebrity Equinox so I'm happy with that😂😂

  14. eppsislike

    I wouldn't be the Hotel Director of that ship.

  15. Al Gray

    BTW, I was on the Equinox last April. Make sure you and Jenny sign up for the glass blowing. It is a bit pricey but I thought it was amazing.

  16. Al Gray

    Hey Tony, great tip on how to check the CDC website. Almost 30 years since a low score. Their last score was only 5 months earlier. Amazing how they got such a low score so quickly after scoring a 94 in February.

  17. Jerica McBride

    I think they need to take that ship off the line. I have been on plenty of Carnival ships and they have been very clean. It appears that older ships on all if the major lines have the lower scores.

  18. Well

    Our last cruise was Empress of the Seas. Surprisingly good score! Our next cruise is on the NCL Joy. I wonder why no scores are showing for that ship?

  19. Dan Howard

    Thanks Tony 😁

  20. judith martin

    The Celebrity Solstice had a score of 98. I will be on this ship in 18 days going to Alaska.

  21. J Third

    The comment about reusing potentially used silverware without washing was worsethan any flies. Gross. Ummmm. This one looks clean so we are not going to wash it. Nasty and plain lazy

  22. amkirsch2000

    Brilliance of the Seas.. 100!! Good thing because we're spending 15 days on it!

  23. soshiangel90

    Last cruise was on Liberty of the Seas and the score in 10/2018 was a 98. 🙂 I really do like that you've introduced us to this site. Even if I'm not hunting it down for the newest information, it's really interesting to see just how strict the guidelines are and what can get a cruise ship dinged! And non-cruisers say the ships are disease factories…pffft

  24. Carolyn Bull

    My next ship scored at 98. I'm okay with that.

  25. Renee Bands

    I should not have gone to the CDC's website….

  26. Maureen Landry

    Wow, how gross. I guess you have to hope and pray they are doing things in a sanitary manner "all the time"!

  27. R WDWOwner

    When you go on a cheap cruise just to get drunk who cares about cleanliness of your food and health center!
    Lot a good look for Carnival.

  28. Ruth Strugnell

    Crown Princess – 99

  29. Charlene Anderson

    Wonderful we’re leaving Saturday on the ship


    I would love to see the scores for the average "JOE'S" house or apartment…I doubt there are many 100's or even 90's



  32. Skyhawk1987Turbo

    Well that ship is old and looks gross

  33. Carol Rogers

    Thanks Tony! Just checked NCL out- results were good. Read two reports for our next ship- the Gem. No big items there. Nice to know how thorough the CDC inspections are. Now I know. Appreciate it.

  34. Priscilla Fuller

    Thanks for the informative video! I’m disappointed to hear that the fantasy scored so low. According to Carnival they have taken action to fix the low score thankfully. My husband and I are supposed to set sail on the fantasy next Monday. Do you by happen to know if the fantasy will still go on as scheduled?

  35. Marlene Kelley Risner

    I was on Royal Princess last April & her CDC score was 98 & l say that was pretty good 👍

  36. Jane Beville

    Thanks for the info!

  37. Yvette Sienkiewicz

    Its interesting that this only applies to ocean cruises. I just got back from a Viking River Cruise. The ship appeared spotless to me. But the crew to passenger ratio was extremely high.

  38. Michelle Luvbeachsunsets

    Norwegian Escape scored 97

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