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  1. onetwocue

    Does McHale end all of her matches with a double fault?

  2. yajilobay


  3. pukulu

    Wozniacki was playing more offensively than she often does. It's not a bad idea. Her forehand is not much of a threat but her backhand is a world class shot.

  4. faiyazhanif80

    A pusher against the ultimate pusher 😂

  5. Jon

    Made it real easy for Caro….

  6. Brandon Shira

    Who was the commentator?!?! He sucked asss!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. icoaguerre

    So glad to see Caro being more aggressive and using the volley too. That's the way to go

  8. hashworld

    Red Riding Hood will go back to the theatre from here , without changing output.

  9. Jacob

    Hey Mchale, Santa called…he wants his outfit back.

  10. Azzurri Ragazzo

    very solid,

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