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  1. zabaleta

    Siniakova is a such a gorgeous young thing…..makes The Woz look like a Heather……

  2. GEMINI 1978


  3. Jon

    Kate has elegance and style; also great potential. Sorry to see her lose……

  4. Juan Tormento

    Siniakova kdy prestanete byt kyselou a zurivou ,kdyz prohrajete?Co takhle si vzit priklad z Kvitove?

  5. Ashutosh Mishra

    feels like Dozeniacki hasn't won so many matches in a row in a long time.

  6. Arya Prime

    7:39 Extremely Angry Siniakova

  7. Luu Sapphire

    Caro is my Queen!

  8. B

    Woz does well when she reminds herself to be the aggressor in her shots because it doesn't seem to come naturally to her and she often returns to a default defence mode.

  9. Connie B

    Woozy is an old vet now. But she’s fit and hanging in on the tour. But it’s unlikely she will get renewals on her endorsement contracts now with the youngsters coming up. The new contracts will go to Andreescu and Osaka. Who won the French?

  10. Georg Vollmani

    it's legal ? https://www.youtube.com/user/schokovich/videos

  11. Kadir Turgan

    Whats Siniakova's problem, she looks like Osaka before met her
    Ukrainian former coach.

  12. Shane Christian

    I think caro was asking her dad to shut up after she won the set point lol

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