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  1. Amberly Walker

    I hate the world

  2. Amberly Walker

    Fuck the USA

  3. Vidal Giron Varona

    Congratulations! Winner!! #AMAS 2019

  4. Sara Loscalzo

    Watching her cry pretty at the AMAs while accepting an award for this song… SHE CAN cry pretty

  5. baby girl

    Still a huge favorite of mine OMG those high notes on fleek

  6. Lisa Adams

    I honestly wish I could cry pretty…

  7. Veronica Contreras


  8. Tien Tobing

    so many emotions. I liker her voice from Indonesia

  9. joel vasquez villanueva

    This song is so pure!!!

  10. Robert Sutphen

    I love her.! Talent, class …..nice person !

  11. Wine Country Games

    You sure can!

  12. Ratt Pack

    Damn she is so beautiful

  13. Teaira Matson

    I love you Luke Bryan is my day love ❤️ is my day I have come over to my house to dance with me

  14. Patty Lovett

    Your a very special person , very strong , your mother must be so proud of the women you turned into , impressive! Your mother must be amazing , and dad !

  15. Phú Lê Hoàng

    Carrie can cry but still staying pretty at the same time cause she doesn't those CMA awards! #Carriedeservesbetter

  16. Beynala Carter

    A mix of country and rock? I love it

  17. Amanda Smith

    You are very good at the song

  18. Jason Dodd

    She crys pretty looks great always amazing artist song reaches so many bout not being able to hold it in at times and fake it

  19. claudia Magana

    This is me right know!! Its awful BUT I can't cry anymore I just have to face that I'M alone! The Truth….

  20. joel vasquez villanueva

    Almost 17 millions .. come on we can do it

  21. Jessica Baird

    And this is why she won America's got talent😉

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