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  1. Esteban Juan RBLX

    WOW 2019???

  2. Deekra Spade

    4 people tought burt the bashfull was to hard XD

  3. MrAngrybassist

    I would be amused if this was in the same tempo and time signature as the Song of Storms. I mean, it sounds vaguely similar, other than being in C Minor instead of D Minor.

  4. Jyoutei

    The quality is really superb!

  5. Constantin Valdor

    Always wanted to dance to this song.

  6. Rango

    Me too. We're the cool kids.

  7. Robert Blais

    lol I woke up today thinking the same thing!

  8. Da1337Man

    i got all 3 of those cartidges aswell :D:D

    too bad i no longer have a Snes to play them on 🙁

  9. neibux

    the little intro is awesome oO

  10. Usually Sushi

    No offense to Bowser, but he is kinda a pansy…

  11. Usually Sushi

    I wish that I born back when the SNES was in its prime. I HATE BEING BORN IN THE NINETIES!!

  12. Tsunami Shadebringer

    This game was a HUGE part of my childhood….. People still even catch me humming these songs!

  13. Nobody-in-Particular

    I know, that's just what it made me think of.

  14. Beni Gerlach

    The song of storms had other notes 😉

  15. Nobody-in-Particular

    It was mine only cuz my dad's best friend gave me his when i was 3. Best games EVER!!

  16. Nobody-in-Particular

    It's the Song of Storms!

  17. schildiish

    It sounds a bit like song of storms Oo

  18. AcousThicc

    i love all yoshis island music thats a good thing beacuse that made me enjoy the game even more and i still enjoy the game now

  19. Frisket

    I always thought the Song of Storms on Oot sounded like a happy version of this.

  20. SolidSnake684

    song of storms mixed with Mario World castle theme?

  21. TheLuigi1up

    *Yoshi drum beats*

    Christmas tree, ornaments, reindeer paws, Santa Clause…
    Lost in a castle, wish you a merry Christmas!
    I want to get out, wish you a merry Christmas!
    Lost in the darkness, wish you a merry Christmas!
    I want to go home, wish you a merry Christmas….

  22. HikaruBunnyGirl

    Windmill Stormy Creepy Green Broken Thunder Castle Of Death


    actually lolling

  24. _Theo

    thats who composed it? no wonder it sounds like song of storms

  25. Kaito Man

    any one else baby mario looks like tin tin 😀

  26. Dragonlover9000

    this is definitely one of the creepiest pieces of music to ever come from Koji Kondo

  27. Erafune

    Aaaah it's Song of Storms :DD haha for a second at least..

  28. LordSiravant

    Someone actually mixed this with the Song of Storms. Just look up Stormy Castle in the search bar, it's the one that says Yoshi/Zelda Mix.

  29. miaufun

    Is it me or does it sound like the sound of storms from 0:10 to 0:19

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