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  1. Paulus Hared Samosir

    "Nyaaa" Thats better 😂

  2. M Apriyanto Wijaya

    2020 anyone?

  3. woody woodpecker


  4. CoMineRobGaming

    I wonder what's with these kids nowadays

  5. Paris France

    The blonde kid is so serious😂😂😂

  6. Taryn Miller

    I wonder what the neighbours thought when they heard them practicing lol

  7. Joel Rodrigues

    Eu quero o contato desse jovem cantor

  8. Joel Rodrigues

    Parabéns Eu gostei

  9. Sophie Gregson

    Why does it sound like a phone at 0:22 I’m sorry but it does

  10. wade wilson7

    Now hey came emo or same likę marilyn manson

  11. Sophie Gregson

    I’m so happy this video was brought into the world.😌

  12. Fren

    Meowwwww 2019

  13. Zai

    I wanted to show this video today (Nov. 20 2019) to a couple of friends and saw the upload date; this video's exactly 10 years old now lol

  14. Racist Princess

    the lyrics…soooo difficult to remember….😅

  15. Tatty as

    literally the thousandth time I have watched this and it just gets better and better

  16. beto gt

    Catalunia boys choir??? Evidently they are Petites chanteurs a la croix de Bois.

  17. George McClinchy

    By the the way great voices, awesome pitch and harmony!!!!

  18. BuzzNiche

    When was this 1st recorded

  19. poutanas gios


  20. George McClinchy

    I was looking for some humor tonight and wow these boys nailed it. Thank you.

  21. Alcione de Luca Canton Santos

    Muito lindo !!

  22. Bianca Reis


  23. J WIII

    This should be considered child abuse…. cringex10000

  24. Mr_Ascencion

    His meows are on point 👌👌👌

  25. Dodo Syiemlieh

    i just can't stop watching this… Awesome…. very very very awesome.. their voice is lit

  26. Alberto Karrebrooklyn

    catalunia pone el flipado xD, si son franceses

  27. view Dental clinic


  28. Welpang Chou


  29. Wolfie

    Those boys are cute uwu

  30. Anna Lasell

    is this ligit?

  31. R Sezi

    My cats mewing with them 🤣

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