"CCTV Sky Theater" 20191127 The 7th "Peace Cup" Peking Opera Invitational Competition Report Performance | CCTV Opera

The main content of this program: 1. Performance of "Young Phoenix Volley": Binhai Elementary School, Baoan District, Shenzhen; 2. Selection of Peking Opera "Wujiapo": Chen Yanji; 3. Selection of Peking Opera "Eight Sledge": Li Xiaoyang; . Click here!The China Secret.

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  1. pao hsii wang

    小票友 各個是天才、京劇奇葩

    6.京胡独奏《迎春》 京胡:唐育煊;excellent

    12.京剧《锁麟囊》选段 表演:吕承锦;excellent 第一名

  2. pao hsii wang

    小票友 各個是天才、京劇奇葩,老師、父母 教得好,小朋友刻苦勤學、成就非凡,令人欽佩。傳統戲曲的未來充滿希望!

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