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  1. Bad Xerge

    I'm way meaner than that in 9gag.

  2. Bri Terry

    Aw Maisie and Jeff Goldblum are too pure for this. I'm throwin hands with @hassan and @Kappa_Kappa!

  3. WannysEggNog

    If Zendaya’s feet smells like Funyons I’d suck on them, hoping they’ll taste like Funyons.

  4. lainjo lionel

    Great that you brought these back

  5. Zach Wachs

    When kim Kardashian farts you can smell the plastic that makes up her fake ass.

  6. Mark White

    Fred savage's looks are uncanny to Eddie Kaspbrak from IT, I mean the age is the same too.

  7. Oyun Ochir

    Next they should meet the people who wrote the tweet lmao

  8. TrueBlue AoV

    The way Zendaya casually pulls off her Louboutin stilleto and sniffs it I can't lol

  9. I hate Kim Kardashian

  10. Vibes

    This one wasn’t funny. Didn’t laugh. Not funny at all.

  11. kuda Flexxx

    Sarah Paulson always have the best response

  12. Maximum Matrix

    How can idiots even trash on these awesome people (some of them).

  13. Luis angel Cabrera Toledo

    Kim kardashian i loved

  14. Bianca Gilpena

    I love zendaya 😩

  15. Faheem Waqar

    But We Do not Understand Americans.

  16. Toucan Torque

    Do @strangerthingstv mean tweets

  17. Crystal Keller

    These weren’t that funny 🤷🏻‍♀️

  18. everthing for us


  19. Miroslav Alexandr Mielcarek

    I like how everyone is kind of polite, and then there's Kim

  20. everthing for us

    I'm here because of Twitter… success to me

  21. Wilkemusic

    that applause track was totally edited in. chris rock was mad real tho hahahaha

  22. Anna Nolan

    LOL I love the mean tweets – it's even funnier that the people who write them think that celebrities actually care hahaha

  23. lynn ly

    Zendaya: “smells like success to me” YES ZENDAYA YOU GO GIRL

  24. EnnesX

    I’ve never seen or heard of Funyun foot ever so she just made it extra funny. What is she even from?

  25. Becca

    Zendaya freaking snapped 👏🏽❤️

  26. lone wolf

    Jeff Goldbloom is only starting to annoy you NOW but not before? C'mon dude,catch-up ffs

  27. 10, 000 Subscribers with no videos

    My shoes smells like a successfull failure

  28. мανι c⃞ a⃞ s⃞ p⃞ i⃞ a⃞ n⃞

    Who would try to attack Zendaya?

  29. David Silver

    Damn Zendaya has huge feet , to bad nothing else grew huge on her body

  30. jessica spaulding

    Smells like success ha yes zendaya

  31. Bernie Cameau

    zendaya was mad funny lol she took of her shoes and said smells like success to me well she right she is the best

  32. Justanother Dude

    Anyone see Zendaya's part!?

  33. Bruces Banner

    who would dare insult Mark Hamill. give me the haters name, number and address

  34. Josh Berman

    Well wrong on the Funyuns part. Both you and Bella Thorn have bare feet that looks and smells like Swiss cheese to me. You Zoodeya and Bella Has Thornes can shove those It Up Titles and mouse ears up your sorry smelly cheesy asses. By the way. Great job at reading your second Mean Tweet and facing up to more consequences for a lot of people that can't stand your really annoying cheesy Disney crap like a real full grown woman👍

  35. beautychickens


  36. Gentleman And a Scholar

    Celebrities are boring

  37. da_roblox_ sniper_

    Me , tiffany haddish is a jackass and zendaya handled it well I didn't care about the others

  38. Robert Martin

    Trump 2020

  39. Suemaiya H8sPapaya

    I’m confused…how does JEFF GOLDBLUM HAVE A HATER?! WTF??

  40. Josh Josh

    “Maisie Williams looks like a young grandma”
    Oh no! A celebrities worst nightmare! Being called old!

  41. Wes Miller

    Anyone else get turned on when zendaya smelled her heels

  42. Keith Arm

    Kim so trashy.. everyone has been with her… She's no prize.. Take that money to hell with ya…

  43. J V

    You let em get to you so they won 😂🥳

  44. Fatema Baqeri

    Every time I hear Jimmy Kimmel ask for a like, I press the dislike button just because I don't like him.

  45. Youngboisam _yt

    Yay this is a thing again

  46. Miguel C

    0:48 why they chose that tweet 😡😡😡😡

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