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  1. Ray Lars

    Sorry to say but the USA needs to feel some pain … Nothing is Free and We need to suck it up … Farmers have been working banks and insurance … C'mon, they send their kids to college for zero and the Govt covers their ass every fucking year

  2. Cheng Ug

    Chinese tanks are going to Hong Kong 打倒中國

  3. Andrew

    Who is Emily Sophia and why has she spent hours commenting on this single video?

  4. Music Calgary



    Shit a lot Communists here supporting CCP😂😂😂😂😂 hope y'all got paid enough….

  6. Victor Olvera

    Trumps keeps saying he will recover 500-Billion. Can anybody here elaborate or counter that statement?

  7. Victor Olvera

    Its not a "World Trade War" but it is a "China/US Trade War"

    What he said was interesting about looking at the data. I wish he had numbers or sources.

    Trump is wants to get re-elected so he is going to make a lot of noise.
    If the voters see China in a lens and Trumps manages to get everybody talking about China in 2020 he is going to get re-elected
    If China is confused about what Trump is up to, the strategy is working.
    The one constant in Trump's rhetoric is he wants to balance the trade deficit.

    I always thought of China as export driven, (China being the "world's factory"). This guy sais its not. Now I am confused, I wish he elaborated on that.

  8. King Java

    The liar President and broken promises. Trump too much Blah blah blah for nothing.

  9. Masked Singer

    1) Just looking at net exports is superficial and doesn't capture the ripple effects.
    2) Moreover, it is gross exports, not net exports, that drive employment and consumption.
    3) Trade uncertainty also dampens capex and investment, the other parts of the GDP equation.
    4) While the trade dispute is just between 2 countries, they happen to be the 2 largest economies in the world.

  10. Bee be Cee

    ..brinkmanship my foot,
    Trump is an unprincipled cheapskate narcissistic shithole gangster with very bad manners.

  11. Edward Gross

    The effect is tiny provided you're not the one hurting or ruined.

  12. Original Ideas

    No deal is best deal… MAGA = MADE IN USA + TRUMPCARE

  13. yshouldi foogle

    I always thought the side that steals is the side that started “it”

  14. Joel Sattler

    Xi is smarter than Trump. Tougher too. A stone cold killer.

  15. Joe Penn

    Democrats love the Chinese government as they both are Guilty of murdering Unborn Babies. Hypocrites you are supposed to be American Citizens and you stand by your Communists friends. You have helped the Chinese government in gaining access to our government computer systems via Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. Democrats are trading children for sexual slavery

  16. Pat Mul-k

    This moron is either lying about the trade war or is an ignorant ass.

  17. S. Franc

    China started this war 30 years ago. Nobody did anything but Trump.

  18. The Digital Patriot

    So Bloomberg is also just a puppet vessel controlled by China?

  19. David Waring

    The damage is Huge and will be long lasting! CHUMP is a MORON!

  20. riccrocc714

    Fuck you Andrew Freris and fuck the Chinese they have been playing the US for s long time you dumb fuck.

  21. Jake Peters

    This guy is so insular, he is only thinking of the effects of the trade war on the GDP. The GDP is a horrible metric for determining the well-being of average Americans. He is neglecting to talk about how thousands of farms in the Midwest are going bankrupt, or how thousands of manufacturing jobs are being shipped overseas to avoid the tariffs on raw materials. This guy is only looking at it from the perspective of Wall Street and the wealthy elite. Average Americans are hurting, farms are failing, and rural America is dying.

  22. polifatts

    The damage to the US is tiny, the damage to China is massive. They just posted their worst economic numbers in 31 years and the yuan in plummeting.

  23. WojtekSoldierBear

    Fake neeews

  24. Jerry Jones

    This is a bit shit – seems bollox – idiots. China definitely 'started' this 'war' you clowns.

  25. Terry Bishop

    thats true. I just watch news and never verify anything myself. because i dont really care, i just enjoy the drama. data bores me.

  26. Ted Stryker

    We must nuke China.

  27. AstronomyToday

    one look at the markets between the US and China; and you can see China already winning this "war"


    China Needs Almonds For Almond Chicken…USA will win…If Your Not For The Home Team…GTFO!!!


    Paranoid Libtard Dems Blow The Trade Issue Way Out Of Proportion…Things Will Be Fine…Ralax…

  30. Eugene russ

    You ignorant fools will see how well this all will work out for America ! Bet on it ! TRUMP 2020

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