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  1. Wayne T

    China has an NON 1st use of nuclear weapons.

  2. Rene Ramirez

    The Old World Order is collapsing. Many nations once respected America. Those bridges were burned and blown up with missles made in America, France, Israel, UK. Nations were invaded or overthrown or kicked around or insulted. Now 98 percent of the worlds nations have turned to China. Only Israel and a few recent overhrown nations are forced to stay on board. The Old word order trully does not understand The Art of War. Israel must make peace with Palestine or perish. We cannot sustain you anylonger. make a deal with china. Aquarius is coming soon the transition is here and you'll need water more than you need bullets.

  3. Res Nica

    Another "Glaser"?
    Geez, the Glaser clan is rather scarily unique!

  4. Tony Montana

    did China ever threatened to nuke USA? No it was the other way around

  5. JK

    Don't bother with the numbers Prof Glaser. China's development in the next decades will confound even the most astute analyses.

  6. juan gotti

    i would say the rise of the CCP not china is a security issue not just for the US but for the whole world including chinese people

  7. C Leung

    Did China destroy Iraq for no reason at all?

  8. Claire W

    Suprisingly balanced touch on the topics.

  9. Pardeep Tandon

    Since when has America become afraid of Competition? Moreover USA has already stopped supporting its allies latest example is dumping its Kurdish allies. Today all allies of USA know that USA can not be trusted.

  10. Pardeep Tandon

    He does not tell his students that USA has not rectified the international marine treaty so what moral right does America have in criticising China for not honouring it.

  11. Pardeep Tandon

    The lecturer fails to tell his students that historically China believes in winning a war without firing a shot. He also fails to tell that China has not shoot a single bullet across its borders in last 40 years. To be secure in 21 st military superiority will mean very little. For example America beat USSR not in the battlefield

  12. aachenmann

    Glaser thinks we should follow what Chamberlain's Appeasement towards Nazi Germany would work.

  13. Yingmi

    Not rising is national security to China.

  14. david chan

    the title itself is propaganda lol
    decades ago was ussr, and then japan, and then europe, now china.. meaning everyone's rise is national security matter to murica.. so u guys have NO right to rise coz it will cause national security to me.. 🤣🤣

    go fck urself yankees!

  15. Mr Nice Guy

    I hope all the dislikes are from people who dislike his opinion on giving up Taiwan to China and not a bunch of reactionary Chinese nationalists that freaked out at the title, because that would be embarrassing

  16. Sword 1

    International norms actually mean American made rules

  17. Kabu G

    very shallow analysis

  18. tean tan

    Good discussions mainly for undergraduates but faults in many ways, too many to list here.

  19. Lag Swag

    Paranoid? OUR government wants to kill us more than China does.

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