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  1. GH HG

    xhat happened to charlotte's face

  2. Far cry [Devil]007

    Lmfao her face reminds of universal Title 😂😂😂😂

  3. Timemaster f

    Idk why Charlotte got surgery she was so pretty before 🥵 her face looks puffy now. Plastic surgery should be a last ditch option if you are REALLY ugly. Usualy it turns out bad

  4. Awesome - O

    Dayummm, if Charlotte keeps messing with the surgery,she is gonna be one hideous mess in a few more years

  5. Lance Snead

    I wonder what Damandez Donuts thinks of this challenge. LOL

  6. ZU ZU



    Healthier life style: make wwe unpredicted
    Make dolph retire bray in his debut thus becoming the biggest heel of all time going on to have a 450 day wwe title run Muhmmad then wins it against dolph in the wrestlemania on day 450
    Then nexus returns idk but do something new wwe it's so much same stuff over and over again bray will get buried soon win a couple of debut matches we dont need Roman reigns and aew we need story telling not just wrestling and USA network and Fox SHUT UP! You are the reason for your own wwe failed ratings
    the brand split made smackdown watchable and unique now it's gotten more boring than it was in the no brand split at all era aka the pingu era 2013-late 2016
    And now i would rather watch reruns of Dora the explorer and blue clues I kidd you not and Same fows for aew I dont give damn If jungle boy wants banana instead of meat I want freaking story telling I dont want unpredictable I want ultra unpredictable just make unique storylines and if you lose your sponsors who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will still have alot of money than when you had sponers wake up wwe and aew you are unique please show uniqueness otherwise I'm going to draw a line and about time I brought these guys real competition
    Someone in the comments below start a new wrestling company make it have it's own intro make a awesome balance of story telling and wrestling make the story telling so good that it will make leonardo da vinci give you a thousand hi fives and dance the Harlem shake with you to celebrate we need unique story we need drama and make it unique

  8. Heriberto Murillo

    The thumbnail is so scary looking

  9. Salvador Navarrete

    Charlotte Flair and me have the same diet the Queen Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. Jean Triumph

    Ugly as F….y do u hv to look like Ric?

  11. Alonna Aldamar

    Charlotte looks creepy in the thumbnail

  12. R.A Khan

    Charlotte flair looking like Michael Jackson after plastic surgery.

  13. Zachary Rosemann

    Heres another health tip:dont put implants inside you(cough cough Charlotte)

  14. James Crowder

    Now wait a second, you doctors have been telling us to drink 8 glasses of gravy a day!

  15. MyGod123

    Breast implants

  16. Morris Reigns

    Hang on.. That's it?! Water and green veg for the summer? Cheap pop vid!

  17. Mike Henry

    Beware of the Queen 👸.

  18. Uchiha Madara

    She looks horrible and instant dislike whenever i see her

  19. Konnor from the Ascension

    She’s a hypocrite she says be your better self but she had work done in breast and lips

  20. Nicholas O'Brien

    Charlotte Flair is an UglyTranny.

  21. Kazumi Hikari

    God, their faces in the thumbnail are terrifying.

  22. Julie Harrison

    I hope she eats more than once a day! Now I am really worried about her! 😭

  23. Damont Weathers


  24. Tulley Novielli

    Awesome 👏🏻 video

  25. Nattie M

    Why would she change her face she looked so much better last year now she looks older than she was and weird and the lips to they don’t look good

  26. King Yousif

    Nestle is one of the biggest crime companies….

  27. Dean Riddle


  28. Dr170

    HEALTH TIP: Subscribe to Jablinski Games

  29. houda Bella

    Summerslam or aew in chicago

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