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  1. The Rich Solution

    Thanks we need to help the younger generation!

  2. Saif Rahman

    I love this channel!

  3. DavePlayz - Minecraft

    everyone stop watch time in front of screen


    Excellent video.

  5. Raigo Leinberg

    i love water when im thirsty at night id be like: waaater… water… after i drink water: much better

  6. Brandon Falco

    number 2 I will not do but I will the rest

  7. Philip Lindfield

    you make this video on the internet with you can only access in technology which does not help

  8. dx generation x

    thank you

  9. angel barnhill

    ok 12 years old at 6 i was introduced to games i started gaming around 7 years old i loved gaming and wanted to become a youtuber at 10 years old i was 100 pounds and eated no healthy foods 11 years old i started middle school and was eating healthy but im on a computer all day after school and im 12 now 113 pounds and wanting to go back to where i was 6 years old skinny and weighed around 80 pounds but i think its to late for that cause im never off the computer and i rarely go outside anymore i only go outside to play with friends or feed my pet pig or take out the trash and i now im a pro at games and my brain now works faster than a computer i need help please help me somebody i need your help

  10. Hey it’s me 21


  11. kara dz

    لنجليزية قالتنا شوفوه

  12. • Obrex

    you just wasted 5:32 minutes of my one and a half hours

  13. ツArt Lover

    I hate soda I never drink them I just drink water juice and milk


    Thanks for the video. Although it is slightly outdated, my students thought it was informative!

  15. debbie pierson

    You just wasted 5:31 minutes of my 2 hours

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