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  1. 2020 Lollipop Christmas

    You wanted say you wanted say where something is you wanted to say you wanted to say where something is say 在 for the position

  2. 2020 Lollipop Christmas

  3. DiamondJPlayer !

    Chinese 2 rn

  4. Charles Lewis

    Ayyyy Chinese Buddy dropping another fire beatttttt

  5. Joanne Marion

    So what is the difference between Zai4 nar3 and Zai4 na3 li3? xie xie ni!

  6. Joanne Marion

    I love the little grammar rule imbedded in the jam….

  7. Peter Mamaev

    Top 10 Anime Opening Songs.

  8. cedric dellafaille

    man i love those videos!!! you can really learn your chinese really fast this way

  9. Iamcho :D

    This is so good in so many levels… I love it, I love this channel

  10. randy ross

    great videos, however the pinyin is too close to top of screen to be read on roku

  11. Serenity The Sivally


  12. Лариса Викторовна


  13. Tanya Bayanova

    Thank you for creating such great songs! #ILoveThem

  14. P S

    …cooolll! ….keep the groove at hi level…espetacular!.

  15. Mark Holland

    so good, so cool

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