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  1. Kamerön Alderson

    @papermoney54 Neither. Won is Korean. Yen is japanese. Both however are mispronunciations. Yuan(元) is pronounced You-On. Depending on the fluency of the conversation you may hear a variety of quick tongue pronunciations. Some sounding a bit like You-En(as in end). The Yü in Yuan(元) is pronounced with a sharp diaeresis. In Mandarin it is pronounced Yuán with a rising tone on the A.

  2. Al 3000

    why would they make a not of such low value?

  3. papermoney54

    is yuan pronounced like won or yen

  4. Wu吴 子 健

    mao had sypillus!

  5. affinite1

    i thought chairman Mao only had one eye…

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