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  1. 星白 閑

    Just because Asian boys are cute looks doesn't mean that they support left wing LMAO Asian are the only one who don't support sjw and woke propoganda. You are wrong on this one dude.

  2. Sandy Elliott

    Interesting how making men look and act feminine is supposed to be appealing to the younger generation. Except in countries like Africa and Muslim countries . If one didnt know better you would think they were trying to reduce the population in certain countries.I for one love a masculine man . Law of nature is there are only 2 genders male and female , period. So , men need to be men and the reverse , women need to be women.Anything else is a perversion of nature.

  3. PerfectChaosdoesntEx

    They were wearing makeup ten years ago when I lived in Japan… they're noodle boys.

  4. Owen Bunny

    CIA prob did all that. but it could also done by KGB/FSB

    KGB spent 80% of their budget on psych ops and less than 10% on espionage.

    but tiktok is also there to be blamed

  5. Elvis

    Xi ao shiyan row is a better pronunciation the way he butchered it was incredible and yeah girls just seem to be head over heels for these little fresh meat guys

  6. TheBritishReactor2

    Project for the new American Century ( PNAC ).

  7. Liviu Florea


  8. Trey Lopez

    Dog they talking about destroying masculinity in China bro look at the shit that’s happening to the USA most the people of liberal means are wusses 😂

  9. SL twentyeight

    You have done that yourself – obi wan

  10. Rishi Bhattacharjee

    You want to become a man? Try nofap monk style for 3 years. Thank me later!

  11. Anonymous Passerby

    If China wants their masculinity back. They can dissolve back into being multiple sovereign provinces. That fight with one another constantly. That oughta toughen em up.

  12. chito Im

    Daily reminder whites fuck kids in private island's and shoot kids in schools
    "Let Kaepernick play #49ersLEGEND "

  13. Peter Calo

    Never thought I would agree with the Chinese Communists on anything.

  14. neko mata

    hmm, in some ways i agree, in other ways i disagree. in japan at least, while its definitely a thing for some men to have a feminine appearance, its not necessarily accompanied with a feminine personality. in fact, id say in japan, the standard ideas of masculinity and femininity are more in place perhaps than in the west, where feminists try to constantly undermine everything. if you look at a lot of japanese media, male characters tend to act masculine and female characters tend to act fairly feminine.

    there are also things like visual kei which may see male performers dress in feminine attire, but in a similar vein to glam rock.

    when i looked up the top artists in japan currently in music, the only one that really seemed fairly feminine was BTS whch is actually a south korean boy band, and boy bands are feminine in the west too

  15. peter zhao

    Im starting to wonder what other kind of government can actually efficiently run a modern society?

    Everywhere i look i always go back to the current Chinese system, under a competent leader as the most efficient way of running a large modern society. Where else?

  16. TheMittenman

    4chan has a different answer than the CIA…

  17. dante odinson

    Arabs truly knows what the west is doing…..those desert dwellers are smart….not a single of their men are into weird shit of other societies….

  18. peter zhao

    I cant believe he mentioned soyboys. This guy games.

  19. Do you want a cigarette? Robertson

    Chiinaah. Fuck yeah.

  20. King Cobra

    Well the CIA have done crazier things before but then again its China. I dont think its only USA's fault tho.

  21. Jarin Xeno

    Or it could be all the rice they eat. Rice is high in soy. Soy blocks testosterone and causes men to act like bitches.

  22. IlllIIIlllliiIiI

    dude the fucking red alert theme song got me goin!

  23. mooeing

    Dems are doing the same here in the us. They push the trans movement for a reason

  24. Cosmic Dancer

    I think it's far more likely that the government is using porn addiction to fuel male demasculinization. You lot are now utterly incapable of relating to real women and you spend most of your free time disconnected from the real world in your little video game bullshit. You came even do basic shit now because you're so infantile and enabled. Haven't met even a single man who would defend me against his mother or friends and all of my female friends or saying the same shit. When my friends daughter was being abused her own husband wouldn't defend her against his nephew. You all enable each other's abuse and then your wonder why women are turning lesbian en masse. By fuckboys. You're good for nothing beyond your sperm injections so whatever.

  25. TheJackal917

    They are late to accuse for like a hundred years late.

  26. OVI-Wan Kenobi

    Your WEEABOO is showing … AGAIN.

  27. The Game Stampede

    Fault of F4 and Kpop boy bands!

  28. Hannibal's Chianti

    WTF? I thought it was just a western thing. But nooooo… that "tribe" gets around. It makes you wonder just 'who' are these sissy pants for?

  29. Keyan cent

    The chinese aren’t lying

  30. Lenin Fernández

    Btw, leftist also try the same with their feminism and all sort of weird things they promote in the western society, but don’t allow it in their own territory

  31. Lenin Fernández

    George Carlin years ago talked about the “pussyfication of the American male”

  32. Emmerson Motta

    The power that be are poisoning us there is no doubt about it.

  33. Fredrik S

    Unpopular opinion;
    Those who make money, succeed in life and generally add to society tend to have less mental illnesses, bodily dysfunctions and days off the job than those who are distributionists.
    It's perfectly doable to be a successful distributionist,- but chances are they don't wanna give 10% of their earnings to somebody who sit on their ass all day – no matter the reason behind their ass-sitting.

  34. ArkhanNightman

    But feminine/submissive men have come and gone as trends before. They just didn't have the current massive entertainment industry backing them.

  35. Rabbi TransGenderBergRaceMixingStein

    Where's the fuckin lie?

  36. occam

    It's Ok to beat women.

  37. Abhijit Mandal

    Cia does this by controlling your media

  38. Abhijit Mandal

    Yes 100% mostly these korean movie and dramas

  39. Swaroop Somanna

    BTS stands for Bi or Trans or Sissy

  40. listen2meokidoki

    20191122: Big Shout out for the Bag Lady

  41. KNChoudhury

    Yeah, if this is the report from a government controlled institute, it's safe to assume that the conclusion was given by the gov first, and the scientists were told to find ways to make this "conclusion" sound valid and write a report on it.

  42. Powers Hunger

    Be careful youtube is sneaking children toy ads too all content creators too use that too shut everything down

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