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  1. Sergio Brayn Carrillo Flores

    Name of asian beauty?

  2. Euphoric Atheist

    Much easier to pull off with Chinaman as a model than European, mind.

  3. thalia chaves

    Es muy impresionante, como avanza la tecnología, si no ,decían que era un robots. Yo ni idea , china sigue sorprendiendo son tan inteligentes

  4. cretu marius


  5. Domz Vlog

    All it need is little sarcasm then youre done

  6. Mr. Christian

    Believe in Jesus now.

  7. Thăng Long Lê

    who is that beautiful woman?

  8. Alec G

    Yes, so get trump out of our White House and get a young person like Yang to lead the way

  9. RILLA

    I suggest you look into Google Duplex and stop laughing because when these two technologies merge you will be out of a job. It's nice to have a laugh but you won't be laughing much longer when they integrate the voice of that with this piece of tech.

  10. Bruv Mate

    This is what's gonna replace most jobs

  11. joema cano

    It's like watching pixels movie from Adam Sandler

  12. forti tude

    The Asia woman is 🔥

  13. Chicc

    one step closer to dEtRoiT BeCOme HuMan

  14. Greg Valentine

    Talk about fake news

  15. Mark Bagshot

    You are already watching AI fake anchors on our media right now.

  16. PANDA - S

    To me…her face with botox lips appears more robotic than actual AI robot….

  17. gurvinder sidhu

    Here comes anchor UBER

  18. Rahul Sharma

    The Indian ROBOT News anchor MITRI : https://youtu.be/vx5sT7S-rUc

  19. John Rhaenys

    No. Nobody is typing what he has to say. This is Artificial Intelligence. What would be the point of removing the anchor but hiring a guy to type in the words?

  20. Subham Pati

    They are jealous or trying to save themselves

  21. ecbenny J

    That stupid grin on Stuart Varney’s face just shows fear. It’s ok though. By the time AI reaches its full potential, he’ll be a super old fart receiving his social security checks

  22. Alina Sandro

    China is progressing really fast in scientific space……

  23. Ozzy Guy

    WHAT!…The cretins on CNN are real people?

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