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  1. FIBA

    Download the official FIBA Basketball World Cup APP 📱 now ➡ http://bit.ly/FIBAWC–APP

  2. Dennis Agulay


  3. Marvin Laureles

    The title said TRADE dunks..but all i see is nigeria murdering the communist

  4. KazNomad2

    More like Nigeria dunk highlights vs. occasional Yi dunks.

  5. Lebron griffin

    Damn the second dunk from nigeria

  6. Charlie Coder

    Antethekoumpo came from NIGERIA damn .. nigerians are high flyers

  7. I love my Family

    You know it’s made in China, when even the dunk doesn’t have much power. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Raven reyes

    darren espanto #11 posterized twice but redeems himself

  9. mugeNN

    360p waqrriors

  10. Chaozheng Wang

    It is not a fair trade

  11. kine arnaud

    Dunk festival 👊🇨🇮🇨🇮

  12. Masud Saeedi Physiotherapy

    That 2nd dunk is dunk of the tournament 100%. Called it now

  13. dsong2006

    Congratulations to Nigeria, from Chinese Fan, you guys were better coached, more skilled+athletic and experienced to handle the pressure. You deserve to go to the Olympics, our young players have a lot to learn from you guys.

  14. 부엉이형

    더러운 중공놈들

  15. J D


  16. Mike Young

    Well done China, it's awesome for China just lost 13 points, China actually could have won this game in certain time during this game, you know Nigeria won South Korea 42 points last game, so China definitely is the no.1 of Asia.

  17. Ellen Araujo

    Real Slam Dunk (manga and anime)!!! 💚

  18. Cpt. Gick

    Nigeria and turkey just got unlucky in their respective groups, they both deserve to advance in the next rounds

  19. Yuri Gaming

    Poor china

  20. mark flores

    Nigeria more highlights than USA

  21. Iron Husk

    You spelt Nigeria wrong in the intro

  22. kemi dolapo

    Super proud!!!

  23. Violeta Palacio

    Congrats Nigeria

  24. Firas Dawo

    Ho ho hoo hoooo very crazy match

  25. papis ND

    Congrats Nigeria 🇳🇬 from Senegal 🇸🇳

  26. SIAKAM43


  27. Ludim II Añana

    Ginebra daw??

  28. Knight Valor

    If only Nigeria played South Korea first, they would have beaten Russia

  29. St4r P

    More like nigeria dunking on china

  30. erdem güner

    Dunk highlights 2:58. Game highlights 1:40

  31. Roberto Soriano

    0:52 are they shouting "Ginebra"?

  32. manny3ci

    Good on what happened to china

  33. Jesse Tanko

    Who else enjoyed the commentator

  34. Jimin Jang

    Hi I’m Kobe…. Nice game , I miss Yao Ming

  35. Ricky Ray

    Congratulations to Nigeria! China poured in tons of money to host the fiba word cup, used its advantage as the hosting country to get itself into a weaker group, and wound up losing all important matches. I guess the word "bittersweet" refers to this kind of feeling.

  36. Stephan TheShooter

    Wonder how chinese feel now when they go to chocolate city 😊

  37. maksimum018

    And no actual quality was seen that day…

  38. Alim

    Too many basic mistake china. Wrong pass & turnover. That's why u don't quality to 2nd round

  39. zeck0715

    Yao is best

  40. Prototype JoS

    Yi vs Nigeria

  41. IRA-BIM

    that nigerian coach at 0:27

  42. John Ron Tangaro

    Tacko fall play Nigeria fiba world cup 2023

  43. 不忘初心

    Yi is 35 years old. Probably his last international tournament.

  44. Hayes Lloyd

    I wish we nigerians played philippines to teach them a good lesson.

  45. jeffrey mallari

    salute nageria buti nlang at di nakalaban ng gilas to sigurado buong game puro dakdakan 🤣

  46. TEACHER Hunter

    Love from China

  47. Sunny star Sunny star

    Nice game 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🇳🇬🇳🇬

  48. Allmight Deko

    mga Chinese ang nag didislike

  49. Jim Walter

    Put some respect on a blck man

  50. SergejusM

    Dun kfest

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