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  1. Dong Lee


  2. Lee Zhang

    I don’t care what this news media broadcasts

  3. Danny Lo

    Where is the WMD?

  4. Jefferson Johanes

    This is like a very long prequel to Fallout game where China eventually nuked the USA in 2076. Let's just hope this won't happen.

  5. Chooky Robert

    The US strategic future plan to bomb mainland China. So China can also ready target to mainland US major cities as well.China more ICBM than the US,see who loose more?

  6. Yaju Senpai

    The only thing Americans need to fight against is diabetes not Chinese people.

  7. Chooky Robert

    Should done it stop when Trump campaign.The more visit of the Carrier will very tentatively affect the internal security of China,now proven slowly make trouble by CIA 1000 staffs at US embassy to HK – chaos,rioter that never happen in HK before.China security absolutely must monitor strictly to avoid worst scenario such smuggler heavy weapon into HK for the protestor turned hooligan,Thug,rioter,gangterism to start civil war in China.In fact China had had allow and given the US so lenient of diplomacy.Still they are nut ,moron thought without head.

  8. globalswitch17

    boycott everything chinese… ban any new chinese people from coming to u.s.

  9. Jordan Carpenter

    Long live the new and only world super power : CHINA !

  10. maillaarni

    Why would the US need Hongkong for military?

  11. nyi htay

    If Russia and India join NATO how China becomes 😋😋😋

  12. X Y

    Sigh, is that the marching of WW3 I'm hearing? 🙁

  13. Zzl Bbr

    Fuck America

  14. 2be Blunt

    This is how Wars start. This will be the last human war.

  15. Suzy Q

    So, this is why Trump said he's "decided" to wait until after the 2020 election, to work on the China trade deal.🙄 He just can't ever tell the truth…he's completely full of shit!

  16. yi lvlv

    How about NED? why don't you mention it?

  17. Kevin Leonard

    Lets send an additional 5 billion dollars to appease, lol

  18. Cassidy S

    HK is apart of China thus giving them the right over this ban.
    Media however narrates it as if China is wrong in preventing US military to sail accross half the globe into China's territory.

  19. theagent3

    The US can dock and make port of calls in Taiwan. Or bring back the USTDC, United States Taiwan Defense Command. We can always up the ante.

  20. Soren Axelson

    Well done CNN out of your fourteen most recent videos this was one of the four that wasn't heavily related to Trump.

  21. 姚藻鉴

    so how to deal with this? Not your business Yankees

  22. AggreSSive Man

    The whole world thinks that China is an authoritarian country, but how many people have really come to China to know China? The media all over the world are controlled by western values to slander and defame China. Are so many people in China fed by white people? Did the west contribute to our economic and technological success? Funny how many people in the western media reported that Hong Kong's youth went from marching to violently attacking police, occupying the airport and disrupting traffic. Why is there an American flag in every violent part of the world? Is it really just a coincidence that they are attracted to the United States or funded by the United States?

  23. S K

    Well US considers the terrorists attack in HK as peaceful protests. I would like to know what US would do if the same type of peaceful protests happened in New York.

  24. tongkat bebe

    china is leading n setting the pace of the trade talks… even if it takes 100 years… china will wait it out to protect china's interests n Chinese people…

  25. vlady putina

    China + Russia = nato
    The Avengers go to be ready

  26. Caesar Medina

    Seems like a political jab at the US that sounds good but does not have any real substance since the Navy has been reducing those visits over the last decade. It sounds more like they are hurting the local economy of the protesters who see soldiers with shore leave as tourist. A flashy jab that hides a squeezing of the protesters. That's just my first impression. I can only imagine how big of an impact on the economy a ship with 6000 sailors on pulls into port, even if only a fraction get shore leave. I could be wrong.

  27. LOLO Stanley

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  28. 朱阳

    Good job~

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