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  1. Yojan Rai

    How about Indian government bullying to Nepal and also constant interference in almost every level in Nepal's internal matter???

  2. Tea 1


  3. Mohammad Ahmad

    Is India a true bully to Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.? India should put tariffs on the USA to show their true strength.

  4. Bollywood Kalakar

    Bhen ke lodo Hindi me News Do Bhen Chod Angrezo ki Aulad


    Yup we should realise the real threats rather than wasting time with silly issues

  6. deepak bisht

    ..MEA should be liable and have right to give briefings on international issues. Sometimes some comments are illogical and diplomatically incorrect by some responsible people. We cannot ignore regional power difference among Pakistan , india and China. India cannot handle Pakistan and China at same time. Avoid such chest thumbing and bombastic statement. Concentrate on infrastructure buildups along borders for better logistics support and strengthen the indian air force.
    Kuch bhi Mann mai aaye karna aur bolna….yeh politicians ka kaam hai…😂

  7. vaanan navin

    Lets invade gilgit and destroy cepc

  8. Asif tech

    Indian army bilkul bewakoof ho tum tumhen Zara sa bhi Nahin aata Kashmir yahan par kya chawal ho tum yaar hamen to samajh bhi nahin aati Indian army hai kaisi ise bilkul sharm nahin aati

  9. Asif tech

    Agar Narendra Modi mar jaaye to use hisab se nikala dena aur petrol ke sath aag laga dena bahut accha naseebo se

  10. Asif tech

    Indian army kanjar khana hai bilkul

  11. Asif tech

    India wale kya sochte ho tum ki ham marenge jannat mein chale jaenge yah jindagi Bhar Na sochana Kabhi sapne mein bhi Nahin Soch Na sake ham marenge jannat mein chale jaenge aisi jannat milegi Na tumhen yad karoge

  12. Asif tech

    India walon Kashmir mein salam Kar ke kya fayda milta hai tumhen kya sharm nahin aati sharm naam ki koi chij nahin hai Indian army mein

  13. Asif tech

    Pakistan army zindabad Indian army murdabad Kashmir banega Pakistan banega Pakistan

  14. Asif tech

    Narendra Modi paise Mata ki ho tadap tadap ke mar jaega India walon

  15. Asif tech

    Indian gadha ke bacchon tumhen ya najar Nahin hata ke Kashmir mein Kitna ho raha hai pagal insan kamjor log kamine 26

  16. Asif tech

    Indian army murdabad Pakistan army zindabad

  17. Ashutosh kumar

    This is not appropriate time to talk about china.

  18. Sidd

    India's issues with the PRC is linked to India's economy we need to rise not, keep on rising.
    Our military strength will rise automatically. At this point at best we can simply stop them, on a good day.
    We're economically strong Chinese will loose any interest they have in keeping hostilities.
    And if still they go for we can have the capability to sort them good not just stop them.
    Jai hind

  19. Gautam Pandey

    China ki maa chod ke rakh do

  20. Nabanil Das

    All superpowers used the tool of bullying others weak nations to maintain its loyalty. Actually the truth is they are not that much powerful u think about them.

  21. Raghu Reddy

    We should let officers make statements and let the govt deny it .

  22. Veda Murthy


  23. mundath ravindran

    print – what he commented is a fact !

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