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  1. OriRune

    It's pronounced more like bye-tzwo

  2. Facts Only

    Have you seen the cops in the USA
    Have you seen how they look at a black person in white neighborhoods to the point that they call the cops?

  3. Owen Chubb

    白左 pronounced "bai-zwah"

  4. TyRCelto

    I had a Chinese girlfriend whose father was high up in the Chinese military. She showed me a pic of a sign outside one of the military camps, translated into english it read 'TAME THE WEST'.

  5. TyRCelto

    Until China is as multicultural as the US she shin ping can shut his dumpling hole.

  6. Straw Man

    Obama set race relations in America back 50 years, & the radical left is continuing to drive the wedge deeper. Regular, everyday Americans aren't going along with it though, only the identitarian left & the identitarian right…and FUKK them.

  7. egitovellez

    You mean, lacist…

  8. Indigo

    We need to appropriate the Chinese word baizuo for our shitposts. “Ok baizuo”

  9. Deedless Deity

    "Ah – nn – shloosz" – but the "oo" is short.

  10. Richard Covello

    Here in Canada, our prime idiot is an admirer of "chinas basic dictatorship".
    Looks like it won't be long until just'n asshole establishes 'organ farms' for people who disagree with him.

  11. Token Hempshire

    Biazuo, I like it. We should use it

  12. teifeng lung

    like buy – zo – uh

  13. Call Me Ninj


  14. Virgil Parks


  15. Virgil Parks


  16. Virgil Parks


  17. Virgil Parks


  18. Virgil Parks


  19. Virgil Parks


  20. eddiebruv

    Russia interfering in American politics is apparently the worst thing to ever happen. A high ranking Chinese official making hypocritical public statements attacking race relations etc in the US should therefore be derided by all sides. Won’t happen though, will it?

  21. Agent 005

    China calls the US racist.
    Pot, meet kettle.

  22. Ruben T

    Democrats are in good company with Red China.

  23. jaybag

    Very very accurate description

  24. 10knucklechuckle

    And China is the epicenter of tolerance. :/

  25. Akseli Makkonen

    When China, a racist country, calls America, a multicultural country, racist, it has lost the argument.

  26. DrDead Red

    its pretty much if Hitler went "lul British are racist for going to war for poland, pls ignore the death camps btw"

  27. Ray3D

    china says left is racist, left says right is racist, right says china and left is racist

    A 3 way battle, where all 3 are enemies of each other.

  28. Justin Lemons

    China is a little late to the party. The left has been saying that for years.

  29. MahKoo Mackenzie

    buyz whoa or buyz oh are the two pronunciations ive heard

  30. Travis Walls

    Bi zoo ow.

  31. James B

    Hello Sargon, it's pronounced "bye" "Zwor" (an approximate phonetic pron, read as it is). This term has been going around the Chinasphere for a while, and I think they have nailed it. They are laughing at leftists here who have completely lost touch with reality and gone so far up their own asses they can no longer see clearly.

  32. Metazare

    Traditional chinese people have an irrational fear of black people because they think they're back luck, like black cat bad luck superstition.

  33. William Barnes

    Listen, China. You really don't want to decide that we're racist. Because we've been racist before. And we're better at it than you.

  34. GodTheChaoticEvil Narcissist

    google uighurs

  35. Greg Lawson

    Fuck you China!
    Now get back to work and build me a new smartphone.

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