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  1. 清德賴


  2. Ravi shanker

    I am frm India , Good to see the perfect military parade , 100%

  3. HugM

    Show-off again? Same CNN used… How amazing

  4. Yerris

    BBC News Why on earth would you call them celebrating their "birthday" propaganda? Using the word propaganda in this case is propaganda

  5. Ann L

    Happy birthday China

  6. Otoko Miah

    What you gonna do bring them democracy? I don’t think so west!

  7. Yuhan Zhao


  8. jack jarvis


  9. Timo ARNOLD

    0:01 well that’s polluting.

  10. Tang Granz

    It's the birthday for People's Republic, not for CCP. By the way, CCP is 98 now.

  11. Magos Dominus

    BBC spouts propaganda all the time, along with the shitty sun an daily express toilet papers.

  12. 延非




  13. 王仙客

    bbc deliberately made the picture gray to hint at Beijing's pollution, it was a painstaking effort.

  14. water joe

    Wait if there were gonna have a war between USA and China who will benefit the most
    The answer is BBC

  15. 点亮呆湾

    Yeah BBC is American propaganda and always show off his loyalty to united state. Well done BBC ! Good for you!

  16. 人情味儿没有

    Nobody knows better about showing off than the Brits. That Brexit thing is quite an attention grabber, isn't it? And it keeps on going, and going, and going.

  17. keyvin kevin

    Free Scotland!

  18. Danny Richie

    Labour parties wet dream

  19. sam fang

    if i can not destroy you with Weapons , then I will destroy you with democracy .

  20. sam fang

    bbc: how can we sell the opium to China again?how can we occupy another HongKong ?OHHH NO !

  21. Vincenteric C

    Many people talks about what happens in Hongkong.if it happen in Western countries, police should smile with them??play with them??so funny. in my opinion, police should shoot them because they break Hongkong and ruin the children's future. they born as a Chinese but love the other countries.because they got bad education from books edited by western power, and western give the money to them to help them against goverment(one day 3000 Hongkong dollars),what a shame to them, what a shame to the western!

  22. Bailey Coulas

    A communist country that suffered from years until adopting capitalism (stock exchanges, US capital etc). Communism did nothing for China as it did for Russia other than create economic dysfunction and hardship.

  23. Jin Wu

    If you want to see more, here is the link:

  24. ArkhonXIX

    Don't forget how it got here everyone!!! On the corpses of 80 million Chinese killed by Mao!!! Huzzah for socialism!!! Huzzah for communism!!!

  25. ja yu

    bbc is shit

  26. Vera Song

    BBC, please respect the principles of information dissemination as a news media, be professional.

  27. James bless

    Everything is bad and wrong about china when it comes out from BBC… When china parades you call it "show off" but when no parade you call it not transparent…. 😅😅😅

  28. Rehan

    F**k off bbc propaganda is what western governments and media do. Bloody hypocrites.

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