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    My ex gf had a mouth that big she swallowed anothher mans…

  2. Dilovan Şêr حرية

    You never know what will happen next in life.

  3. I B

    Take the short cut under ground train 🚉

  4. CruelSpecific


  5. Zain Gadol

    Chinese greatest invention that cause the English term "pothole" now upgrade to "sinkhole".

  6. Jisung’s Shiny forehead

    Wtf is wrong with the comments 🤦‍♀️

  7. Ghost KZ

    The roads are made in china what do you expect

  8. Imaru Lewis

    I feel really bad about how cool that looked visually.

  9. NubzOnToast

    made in china

    In all due respect, rest in piece. And the road?… rest in pieces.

  10. Nigger Wigger

    As soon as u get out of the hospital just to get injured again🤣🤣

  11. Maxine-Mivs

    It's like being eaten alive 🤤

  12. Obssesive Tea

    What the hell is with this comment section

  13. Mushroom Mark

    I see the racism still flows strong 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Hollaifyahearme

    Made in China

  15. officalpctechno

    0:16 They’re burning in hell now where they belong

  16. LC

    at least its outside a hospital so they can get help quick! also, how did that even happen??

  17. Benito Mussolini

    Lol thats an F


    Made in China.

  19. まめっち

    More proof that living in china is just final destination.

  20. thepsychocarrot

    roads made in china

  21. Pip One

    One minute you are alive, the next…

  22. luckyisme10

    Fate has a funny way of telling you its your time.

  23. 18T220

    How did this kill 6 people, didn't look too bad.

  24. John Ryu

    Amazing China

  25. KevinProNOW

    I'm sure the DEMO-RATS will blame TRUMP!

  26. CHILL yes

    why is this sh*t on my trending?

  27. charlie miller

    I Don't care at all!!!!

  28. ojtrademark

    the floor really said :O

  29. Tom Rees

    Instant tube station

  30. gt-r smokes

    save 15% on car insurance by switching to Geico

  31. Frankie Cash


  32. Fabian G.

    This happen often in china wtf ?

  33. May May

    tofu construction.

  34. Nehix

    The ground said 🤤

  35. Aiman Adzhan


  36. Jennyoy

    Shoddy Chinese construction work.

  37. Devron Ave

    Made in China. imagine all the roads and highways theyre constructing on their one belt road network across the globe, all will collapse while they laugh all the way to the bank. Shoddy construction and cheap substandard materials.

  38. Yaxley

    The irony of it happening outside of a hospital

  39. ParcelOf Rogue

    Smaller versions happen in Wigan, as there are no records of all the mines.

  40. Dr. Stone

    This is the end of the world Mark my word

  41. M_ M

    I hope the families of those lost and injured are okay… this is so scary

  42. ChaosFlower

    pity one didn't open up big enough to swallow the entire country.

  43. Zaki Hydar

    It's only going to get worse

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