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  1. Leland Rogers

    I don't know why you left TMRO but I have to say I really miss your input.

  2. RyanBlockb5

    Space Mike! What's up? I haven't seen you on TMRO for months.

  3. Shane Semler

    Where'd you go? Please come back.

  4. Mastercrap 42123

    Are you going to be uploading again?

  5. christotaku B.

    Space Mike we miss you ❤

  6. zapfanzapfan

    RIP Lunar Lithobraker Explorer…

  7. mianbh

    are there some pictures sent back to earth that we can view? or that are censored?

  8. King Hotep

    Big Mike, I see you fam! Keep up the great work!

  9. William Guy Thilgen Jr.

    I reckon it the millennial's usage of semantic, but the "FAR SIDE OF THE MOON" use to mean the side we couldn't see. Which means that one standing there couldn't see the Earth. Yet, the Chinese show photo's from their location of the Earth. Obviously if we can see it, or from it's vantage point they can see the Earth, then they are not on the "FAR SIDE" on the moon. In the course of any 24 hour period, one can view more than 50 percent of the moon's surface, to the tune of an additional 8 degree's. The Chinese landed in that portion of the lunar surface that is only visable from Earth for appoximately 1 and a half hours during a conventional 24 hour Earth day.

  10. Pariton Mangang

    Great initiative takrn by china.

  11. James L

    All Space missions Great CGI

  12. ResponseAspire 4 Galaxy-2YOU

    Science should be no boundary, I learn a lot from your video, your views are unbiased, thank you for sharing.

  13. ZambaZzee

    Make porn on moon by 2025! I bet some sick moves under 1/6 earth gravity.

  14. Nick Wey

    Chang‘e-5 is planning to launch in the first half of 2019, that's the mission I'm most excited about in 2019.

  15. Net Surfer

    Thank you for this video. I feel relieved to see that there are few comments that disparage this new achievement of China. I am so sick of those jealous Americans.

  16. Tc Cv

    Almost there with the pronounciation. But not quite here yet. At least better than all the other American hacks on tv

  17. Kevin C

    By the way, Yutu means Jade rabbit but not Moon rabbit although jade and moon sound same in mandarin

  18. Corrine Tsang

    Helium-3 will benefit mankind with endless energy.

  19. Bushangels

    Where are the alien bases?

  20. Flat earth Truther

    I’m so excited, you, Epic Future Space is another shill website . It looks like a cartoon! GOD BLESS

  21. Redrum


  22. Jonny B guud

    Space Mike. That's called CGI. Just cartoons. Thought you should know.

  23. The Glitch in the Matrix 730

    No they didnt, no real pictures, no recordings, always just cgi shit, we have never been on the moon

  24. james williams

    Wow, look at that. There in the background, it`s a ROUND EARTH! Don`t tell the "flat earthers". Thanks China!

  25. Key man

    Everybody should watch China Uncensored instead of these kinds of crap.

  26. Davidson Moffat

    All we need now is them to do a mission on the side visible to earth. Is India going to the dark side as well.

  27. Davidson Moffat

    The van allen belts did cause any issues for China. Thats amazing way to go China. Wow silk worms on the moon.

  28. Davidson Moffat

    Such beautiful animation

  29. india first

    India is going to lunch🚀it's second moon mission in a month.best of luck to isro☺.

  30. Fadgalbeed

    This is fake landing; Photoshop designing pictures; we can't see any humans walking on the moon; just only metallic items appears. all this is a project they spent billions of dollars on space travel; and no body is there; the Astronauts are on ISS only; since 1950 they are talking about moon and mars landing nobody is over there. humans belong to earth which make the life possible

  31. Agus Widjaja

    How long will the silkworms and plants stay there? Will oxygen be provided to them and how?

  32. chiupo lini

    Tutu means "Jade Rabbit", an animal said to accompany Cheng E on the moon, the beautiful goddess who flied to the moon after taking a Immortal Medicine she stole from her tyrant husband to prevent him from becoming immortal and continue his harm to the people. Look at a bright moon on a clear day. You may see the rabbit and Cheung E on it (formed by the shadows on the surface of the moon).

  33. GOD

    great video, very cool stuff

  34. Su Cui

    This is the first video I saw that is truely focusing on scientific benefits we can get from the exploration instead of political spat over space race

  35. Kumar Chetty

    Good video, same feeling here👍

  36. achuthan nair balan

    Stop crapping

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