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  1. NeoGeoSNK

    So much FAKE NEWS

  2. Ayyy LMAO

    Death to ccp, freedom to china

  3. cathy0033


  4. Sky ark

    US and his Dogs pray for the collapse of China for the past 10-20 years , instead they only grow stronger . Kudos to chinese who work 9-15 hour a days .

  5. Ed Eddy

    chinese are the most souless people i have seen. what can you expect from them when they are communists.

  6. Nyama Yonten

    Free Tibet

  7. 郎茂春

    happy to see US don't ban guns. 😙😙😙

  8. Monica Chow

    China celebrates 70 year of tyranny.

  9. Akhil V

    70 years of free organ harvesting

  10. abuaimen28

    I admire the Japansese, the Chinese, and the Malay people, they rose from peasantry to modernity within generation. they have good work ethics. i hope them more.

  11. shah Khalid

    Great country great people's

  12. octagon Leo

    Love China from pakistan. Iron brothers 🇵🇰🇨🇳🇵🇰🇨🇳🇵🇰🇨🇳

  13. YKH Lee

    Happy birthday to China. Congrats! from HK
    HK people love peace & progress. Trouble makers don't.

  14. oldsjunkie1

    Well, looks like they'll outlast the USSR, but not by much. We'll knock em down shortly….

  15. John Marston

    It’s hilarious how often he mentions economic problems in a country that currently grows 6-6.5% a year. What is US economy then doing with 2.3, nosediving?

    People are predicting imminent economic collapse of 🇨🇳 for more than a decade now but they continue to march onwards and upwards. Think about your own countries more, I have a hint they will be just fine.

  16. Juan Carlos Sandoval

    Love China, saludos from Mexico

  17. Tramplin O’Hanlon

    Love China and respect their own choice.

  18. Pete Khauv

    That's crazy, I haven't seen countries have threaten China of attacking on their shores.  I think a lot of countries are getting too paranoid and use this as a way to create threat on its people.

  19. Samantha W

    Congratulations to China and the amazing accomplishments it has achieved to date from NZ.

  20. NO NAME

    Imagine 70 yrs of Republican/Democratic rule

  21. Christifaa

    70 years too long

  22. Chin wong ting

    china is amazing

  23. Zeli Ang

    I love what china doing in xing jiang
    Every country should follow them
    No media house have guts to go there

  24. Zeli Ang

    I want India to be communist love from india

  25. Mkultra90 K

    I ❤ China

  26. 773H OWNER

    Well best and worst part about communist government is they don't care about your fundamental rights so they simply focus on development and no one comes between then and development.

  27. Abdullah Mazher

    Every nation must learn from China.

  28. Valture Snake


  29. Kausar Shah


  30. introverted extrovert

    crime rate in China seems like its lower than in US

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