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  1. slpip

    Yes, China is mocking all agreements in the world. Wait until the world attack China for the violation of agreements.

  2. AKDGsonic

    one American student gets shot again, China will pass a bill to sanction the irresponsible US officials ! one Black gets shot again, China will pass another bill to punish the responsible US policeman !

  3. 賈悟遠 Antony-John

    So far one boy died falling off a car park after being chased by a black clad man dressed in the fashion of “front line” protestors; one cleaner died after a brick thrown by the protestors hit his head while cleaning the rubble left by protestors; one old man was burnt alive after having an argument with the protestors; one policeman slashed in the neck being ambushed by protestors. None of that was done in self-defense. If the act applies, it should apply to those murdering civilians for political goals, textbook definition of terrorism.

  4. Zhuang Wen Sun

    When the whites killed muslim in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc there's no bill passed, hence, no bill require for 911 either

  5. Trump

    I condemn US Senator as they do not know the protester action. US had support and training a group of figther that become ISIS. They then used Kurds against ISIS and when ISIS fall, they left the Kurds in lurch to fend themselve against Turkey.
    US had framed help Saddem Hussien to power and the framed Iraq possession of weapon of mass destruction and brought Iraq to ground.

  6. DontUputThatEvilOnMe

    In the US many are for the Hong Kong protest some are against it and some not sure what to think. But in mainland China everyone is against it 100%. Why is that? Maybe there is reason why everyone thinks the same way…………hmmm.
    “Dammit, Why does every TV channel in China say CCTV at the bottom I can’t find anything good to watch.”

  7. eastern2western

    USA can always make up a bull shit excuse to attack any country. I am still waiting for the wmd.fro.iraq. so I see.this law as pure bull shit.

  8. Yong Yew Kuan Andy

    Yup China can compartmentalize and still use rule of their basic law to change HK. Don't need to do anything else. As long as the law can be change its ok no biggie.

    Congress and Senate is disconnected from Trump. So now 3 groups of people all have different agenda. So messed up

  9. Zhuang Wen Sun

    No the evil white don't even pass the bill when they killed the Red Indian in the name of civilisation

  10. metro lights

    It's like China passing a bill where trade relations with US are reviewed annually until mass shooting in US is under control

  11. John Lee

    Remember 1951 in Korea?


    Why does Xi expect any different from the same house after he gave them $ MILLIONS for the impeachment hoax?
    Didn't he listen to the truth the president was telling him?

  13. Michael Maranto

    The evil Chinese Regime must go. The communist CCP and Chairman Xi Jingpin must be held to account for the crimes against humanity that are being committed not just in Honk Kong but in Xijiang

  14. Dan Kuo

    China have given HK'ers a foretaste of Communist rule which is our way or the highway. It is a sad and bleak future when free people have a path to obedient servitude.

  15. 1234coolman

    China poo poo

  16. David Jacobson

    This bill does not really add any new requirements. The annual review of Hong Kong behavior to justify its special status is already part of American law.

  17. Jesse Dow

    Don't trust China, China is xsshoe!

  18. JAY JAY

    This is about hegemony. The U.S. government doesn't care about HK protesters or any protesters.

  19. TheDesert IsPatient

    Don’t expect the Chinese to provide any resolution to trade; they can play hardball quite well.

  20. C HAWK Corporation

    Today's "Great Debate". It's a well known fact that Eunice wears her smile quite well, the greater question now would be Sea Foam or Turquoise? Which ever the case there's no question that she also wears that well.👍

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