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  1. Teddy Bear

    The Presenter’s accent is worse than the uighur terrorist movements

  2. KB K

    Every country have a right to protect there country from terrorism , China hv a right to protect too as same like western country , this News only a biased & provoked , some uighur are used by western country like USA UK etc , nothing new on this news


    Watch this link closely to come to your own conclusions


    Watch this link closely to come to your own conclusions

  5. Kate100294764

    The Chinese communist party is the biggest perpetrators of violent terrorism: just ask Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang and Mongolia.

  6. jacky tang

    The world should learn something from China how to deal jihadism speeding

  7. kouji tadokoro

    educating terrorists is a gentle way while killing them like USA is a bad way.

  8. ashok kanniyappan

    Atleat China and India are teaching those radicals not like US and Israel who bomb them at sight

  9. Sheriff Donut

    Yes of course no mercy to separatist and terrorists will any country tolerate terrorist take all terrorists in xinjiang to u k u s a and germany and others who supports terrorists killings in china

  10. Vin W

    Send all the uighurs who don't want to live in China out, perhaps to Turkey since they love them. I am sure majority Chinese will be happy to donate the train tickets to help them.

  11. 高礼福

    Wait, Something's not right ?
    Why do I have the feeling that I've been brainwash by western media all the time?

  12. Kindness World

    F for DW mf

  13. ihin s

    you all deserve this, because of the 2009/7/5

  14. luci75 D

    Why the government crack down ? Ask your self you guys from DW. Nothing is done with no reason ! I tell you what it was -Ethnic violence by extremists , militate for independence of the region etc ( terrorist cells – which many go to Syria to join ISIS and china don’t take them back now ). Logic all the moves of the Chinese government . For safety and peace need to take strict measures

  15. Gentle man

    Spread hatred and xenophobia! Shame on you so called freedom of press! Doctored evidence and distort truths to cite hatred, worse than terrorism!

  16. David Boson

    its like China is a communist state or something

  17. Michaellas Felixis

    Fire this Indian accent guy
    Un-standard voice

  18. Red Power.红色的力量

    DW protecting the Taliban.

  19. yizheng Chu


  20. opinionvoice

    the India news channel DW talk about uyghur oppression, what a joke, better tell the world how India oppressed Kashmir regions peoples first.

  21. Norbert

    Commies feeling insecure. Look at the Chinese trolls, trying their best sucking on Emperor Pooh. Lmao. Try harder.

  22. Hao Wu

    uighur researcher, who speaks english and researches uighur topics … in Washington

  23. Bee be Cee

    Kick the CIA out of Xinjiang or it will end up like Afghanistan.

    See what they have done to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Bolivia, Sudan and HK etc.

  24. Shah Alam Chowdhury

    China cannot destroy uhighur culture. Cannot separate family.

  25. AhSan

    China is so wrong on their method against the Uighur. They need to learn from the best which is America by marking all of them wear bright ORANGE cloths, cover their face and pour water on them and locked them up in cell 23hrs a day. China got lots of catch to do compare to US and need to steal their IP on torturing as your methods are currently too soft and kind.

  26. Henninger Brua AG

    Why the uyghur guy inject filler in his eyebrows?

  27. zhe y


  28. jaker steel peter

    I am just curious how this media compares the Palestinians in Israel to Uighurs in China.

  29. Anderson Anderson

    Method for countering radical ideologies:

    China: build vocational school to train them basic skills
    US : bomb them and insert puppet separatist if it is not ally, support them if ally( saudi)

  30. Jo-h-nali-Sanjarbek Sarkaev

    communistic mankurt radicalism and han state terrorism.

  31. Munim Islam

    I support China Govt to streamline extremists into humans. Religious people are polluting Humanity. Proof is Pak-India-Bangla-Burma history. 30mill died since 1940. Religious Priests are till today so strong that they threat & blackmail simple people & even Govts.

  32. P X

    Well done China

  33. Kris Kris

    USA supports VIOLENCE and terrorising protests in HK city.
    The WORLD condemn
    Lawless USA.

  34. Kris Kris

    CHINA is committed
    to World PEACE.
    Xinjiang province is
    part of CHINA nation.
    Re-education camps
    are necessary as guidance and help centre.

  35. Zhuang Wen Sun

    911, mass shooting and suicide bombing still taking place in western and european country ! Honestly it does help boost its florist and candle sellers business ! Bravo !

  36. Outside In

    The CCP has maybe two decades left. Young people of China are becoming aware. They will bring the system down on their own. Now that the one child policy is ending, there's going to be a population boom. It's those kids who will end the CCP.

  37. Chi Huang

    China needs to toughen up on these terrorists.

  38. mountain man

    Shame on china.

  39. Sarah Michel Lafreniere


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