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  1. Maldus Alver

    If you say anything bad about the CCP then it is out of the scope of the freedom of speech.

    I don't think you understand what freedom of speech means.

    Yes we do, it means you are free to say nice things about us.

    uh. gasp* mmmmmmhmmmm, mmhhmm…. ….. …. …

    We support Freedom of Speech.

  2. Avada Kedavra III

    The Chinese Communist Party: The Party Without Fun In It.

  3. mck stellar

    Everyone needs to share this constantly and to every single person in every country the people of Hong Kong must be heard!!

  4. Cooper Davis

    Seeing shit like this makes a future war with China seem more and more inevitable….better get on that subscription with Vault-Tec!

  5. 4imee

    Great vid as always, I'm from Bolivia and just now I'm understanding what authoritarian socialism has been doing to my country I start to learn about politics 4 yrs ago but now I'm living it. Wherever u are pls pray for Bolivia! Thanks 🙂

  6. Ludwig van El

    Let's put a positive spin on this: China rexognizes that the people are morepowerful than it is…
    (so they must be kept in the dark)

  7. 5ilver42

    he really dos look like Winnie the pooh

  8. Otto von Bismarck

    Who still watches politically correct lgbtqw tv today and hong kong isnt protesting since when is burning people alive or assaulting a lady voicing her opinion protesting im sorry anyone bernie supports isnt the good guy

  9. Malin W

    Interesting stuff.

  10. JollyJuice

    If you need to use heavy handed information control to maintain your government's power, then your government is weak

  11. Roony 2007

    Poo is delicious

  12. kurt engel

    The real threat to freedom

    not some goat farmers in the middle east

  13. Lance Clemings

    HAHAHA! Funny… when they had one of the BEST pirates in history. Who was a WOMEN! And while she was nowhere near as 'fearsome' as Blackbeard or other golden age pirates, she certainly had MUCH more political and economic sway.
    Unlike the golden age pirates, she actually retired, lived a nice retirement, and died of old age. Meanwhile, Blackbeard went out like a badass with 20 sword slashes and several bullets. But he did go out at 35… She lived till 69, and died in bed surrounded by family.


  14. Epic Rants

    Isnt ironic that a "free market" can be just as oppressive and totalitarian, guess it was never really free then

  15. Lance Clemings

    I look at it this way. When USA was the dominate economic powerhouse, lots of foreign entertainment ended up getting censored to appease 'prude american values'. Be it forced by us, or more often just assumed, so many Japanese video games and anime got butchered in localization.
    When someone has the money, they sadly make the rules. With China having WAY more people then USA, it only takes a small economic growth individually to easily surge ahead. Just 1 extra spending dollar per person is an extra 1.4 BILLION dollars! This is also another small reason why countries panic over population stagnation or drop. It's less spending power, as there are less people that need to buy stuff. You can only sell so many chairs to 300 million people. You can only tax 300 million so much.
    And sadly, the person currently making the rules is a totalitarian dictatorship control freak.

  16. terenfro1975

    The Chinese special deal needs to be ended.

  17. zizifn

    LOL. As a Chinese. I agree most of you said about China. But you are double standard.

  18. Corey P

    Comments for this video have been disabred.

  19. LeFatalpotato

    Who would have guessed Winnie the pooh would be the greatest villain of 21st century

  20. Bolbi145

    These companies lack Tegridy

  21. Wheresmyeyebrow

    "The Chinese government will protect Hong Kong at all costs"

    Kind of glad I never saw another Transformers movie after the first

  22. BS Gauge

    How many are people are in China? Over a Billion you say? Thats alot of minds to program. No wonder they look to Hollywood for help. The greatest propaganda machine ever created.

  23. raedwulf61

    Excellent, well thought out video. Thank you.
    China is the Democrats' wet dream.

    And Epstein didn't kill himself.

  24. Atrio Berlyn

    Right now a Comunist corrupt leader from the comunist/marxist/workclass party was freed from the jail together with thousands of criminals.
    Guess what? Yeahh… No, "inocence proved " just dictators, who himself put in the politic game together with he's party know as the most corrupt political party ever existed

  25. Atrio Berlyn

    Resume : South Park is right, as always

  26. Ken Kir

    Joker blows the whole big budget big return paradigm out of the water and knocked it into orbit to form an icy ring of “cinema as art will always be more viable than the most cynical block buster”.

  27. devbyrd1

    Do a video on Americans wanting to change the first amendment

  28. Snarky Mark

    This problem has been festering since corporations began using social media as an excuse for firing employees. It's no business of any company for whom we work what we do or say outside of work. Freedoms aren't freedoms if we must starve to exercise them.

  29. twitch1692

    Thank you for talking about this.

  30. Chainsaw Subtlety

    Hollywood has always been Red.

  31. CedarHunt

    China has been growing economically and that makes the CCP scared because they know they're the losers of the world. Mainland china, hong kong and Taiwan all have the same historical roots but only mainland China got communism and mainland China is by far the loser of the three. If the mainland chinese public get exposed to the real world they'll realize that the CCP is taking credit for pulling China out of the very poverty they drove them into 50+ years ago with the great leap backwards.

  32. kawashida

    Someone should make a movies finding site to find a movies without outside influences that changed its arts. Like an option such as “altered movie by politics and such” cause every time I find a movie that could have been good but I keep seeing pc type of shit that makes a good movie shitty. I want a movie that doesn’t have any outside influences.

  33. Raphael

    I think I am beginning to see why Firefly was cancelled

  34. frenchfrey65

    >As support for freedom of speech declines in the United States

    every time I hear that I grow even more scared for the future, because more and more people in my country hate freedom of speech, i hate it, I want it to stop, but there's nothing that I, nor anyone can do to stop it.

  35. SD Ravana

    This is probably one of the best videos about censorship in China available on YouTube.

  36. Edwin Decker

    I hope people in China can use a VPN to watch this.

  37. Licherous

    Great video. Subscribed.

  38. MsDragonbal776

    You criticize the Chinese for what theyre doing, but you would never criticize a parent for doing the same would you? I mean, don't parents restrict what their kids; eat, drink, watch, and overall behavior in general? The point I'm trying to make is that absolute freedom isn't necessarily a good thing and the current self destruction of Western countries from the inside out is proof positive of that. The nation of China has lasted for over a thousand years. They must be doing something right

  39. tea time commenter

    well hollywood is in California which is basically China so saying that is equal to a 15-minute logical explanation

  40. JPG

    Just destroy china economically, stop trading, travel bans to china(not from china, that's important), close down chinese off shore … everything!. But take all the emigrants. At some point we will see rebellion. It's gonna hurt, it's gonna be ugly, but that is the only long therm solution to our communist problems.

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