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  1. Heidi Repp

    China is ass hole!

  2. Anon_Ms

    I dont want china in Australia. They have taken over everything! Made home buying for the average Aussie a thing of the past and they dont integrate or care about quality rule of law or our environment. Our uni students say the degrees are a joke because they hold back the standards of comprehension and thus get a degree for nothing. As for Trioli she is a dark woman indeed who scares me with her bullying and hidden agenda.

  3. James

    A billion Chinese waving little red flags like imbeciles and risking torture and death if they don’t.

  4. Joe Carr

    If China was Called the USSR Would you Still be trading with them? Both Are/Were Authoritarian Communist Nations with a Dictator. The difference is China Has far more technology, a bigger economy and far better weapons, they use an Authoritarian and cruel Social Scoring System to enslave it's Dissenters and wants to Crush the good Democratic City of Hong Kong who have been disgustingly Abandoned by the West! Besides all the Killing for Organ Harvesting and baby bit Harvesting they do, we have a real Problem developing as that nation becomes stronger thanks to our capitulation.

  5. graham orr

    Lucky we have senators like Paterson and Hastie still prepared to speak truth.
    Interesting Trioli was so defensive towards China. I wonder why?

  6. John Luther

    If China aquires Australia you will be harvested Hong Kong fighting from being organs harvested 1.5million butchered by china for 1 trillion dollars China the new Nazis.

  7. John Luther

    China forced organs is legalized murder of minority groups in. China's various acquired territories in South Africa China aquiring land from murdered whites and encourages white murder by blacks allso China wants military bases on horn to destroy any fleets in war.

  8. swm122758

    How do you diplomatically dance around organ harvesting?

    Please put those back?

  9. Proline Touring

    Can you stop saying Australia’s Sovereignty when the indigenous people of “Australia” haven’t had their sovereignty rights acknowledged

  10. Billy Mclauchlan

    its been going on for more than 20 yrs, nothing new

  11. Karol W

    Who was white man with Indian head rag??!?? Woman who loves India?? Crazy

  12. Grandma

    Defund these ABC hacks now!

  13. Robert Cook

    china should be put on the international show place as a criminal and murderous state ,that the world should completely stop all trade with until they stop these practices, or have a national collapse of economics .they must be brought to suffer their horrific culture which is a disgrace to human world wide . and just because the slopes cannot handle the truth is not our fault for making the truth world known they are the scum of the earth and they come from the shit hole of the earth PROVE ME WRONG AND SHOW THE EVEDIENCE TO DENOUNCE THE FACT OF LIFE IN CHINA OR SHUT THE FUCK UP .

  14. John Niks

    Communists make the Nazis look like a school choir!!! The leftist media mafia cover that up. That speaks volumes.

  15. Matthew Traynor

    Fucking commies

  16. Shaun Ellis

    This will go down as one of the biggest pluses from Trump. He woke up America & the rest of the free world to what China is really doing. Trump is the 1st Western leader to stand up to China in over 50 years!! #Trump2020

  17. Tracey Rodwell

    Correction. Australia understood our sovereignty decades ago, it was our scum politicians who sold us out. Along with media making Pauline Hanson appear like a bloody idiot to screw us over.

  18. Tracey Rodwell

    Organ harvesting is how their government and military profit billions annually, whereas ours run at a loss.

    I wonder how many Aussies turn up for a fresh hot pumping organ in China?

  19. Steve Mogan

    This nation needs to start preparing for war with China immediately. The CCP is nothing more than organization of mass murderers.

  20. Steve Mogan

    China is doing what the Nazi's did pre WW2, pushing the limits of it's power and testing the integrity and morals of the west. It's pretty clear the next big World War will be with China, wait til you see all those bases popping up around the Pacific.

  21. Eric Jennings

    Hello to all.
    The whole world needs to stand up to the bullying CCP. The whole world can easily boycott everything China until these Chinese thugs are brought to heel. Stop all one road one belt initiatives, all trade and all international cooperation with the CCP until they have a very clear and I mean a crystal clear understanding that the people of the world are not going to tolerate a world tyranny, whether it be you or the NWO demonic creatures. There are to many governments including ours who want to appease these CCP criminals and leave it up to the Americans yet again to do the hard yards. If everybody spoke in unionism the CCP will disappear within months and finally the Chinese people and the rest of us will be free from these despicable examples of humanity. We are all such suckers.

  22. campion04

    Morally almost as reprehensible as abortion.

  23. Anthony Whelan

    Watch China Uncensored.

  24. Snoozoes No

    FINALLY reporting on this subject!! The communist regime have been murdering innocent Chinese conservatives for their organs for over 20 YEARS!!! Keep reporting on this please, I can't believe it has taken so long for this to be reported on.

  25. Aiden Dunn

    The CCP's concentration camps would give them an abundant supply. This is as bad or worse than anything done by any evil regime in the 20th century. Obvious now the CCP is using their increasing influence (evident here in the Australian Labor Party's unnaturally sniveling attitude to the CCP) to drive their systems around the world. This is what many European Australians can expect once the CCP gets enough power here – and they will if certain individuals and groups continue treasonous behavior. We need to align with the US now more than ever.

  26. SS Goodwin

    sky news must be tired , have some organ soup.

  27. Alvin CA

    All these lies can't destroy China. Chinese people will stay strong and unity towards radical right group

  28. me heretoday

    China forcing people to donate organs… wake up people where the hell do you think our own country is headed lol… geesh

  29. Ken Hardie

    Trioli is an amateur journo paid a fortune by the tax payer to pretend to be a professional.
    I want my ABC tax back

  30. Aj Wo

    Australian ain't shaaait. You are nothing without China. You will realize it soon. China will wake you up.

  31. Aj Wo

    Australian crybabies cry me more.

  32. Elmer T Fuddrucker

    Two organ recipients have contracted the plague from their forced donors. The Chinese government has traced the bubonic plague to dogs that were eating by the donors. Will that be dog or rabbit or rat with your rice?

  33. Justin Hollohead

    Orange head wear, Bolt and purple ties, it's the T pot masonic gang drumming up fear and terror.

  34. themarkofglass

    What did we forget that it was. Tony Abbott that SIGNED the bad deal with China.
    What's changed his mind.

  35. 5iF3R

    Under a communist system you are not a human being anymore, only a number.

  36. Zhuang Wen Sun

    The busybody barbarian western and european even travel thousands of miles to killed people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan…etc. So ?

  37. Zhuang Wen Sun

    The convicts that robbed the land of native Australia not any better

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