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  1. 张飞

    Shenzhen's universities is relatively few before, scientific research and education level is not high. The early development of shenzhen relied mainly on college graduates from wuhan and chengdu. Today shenzhen has become an international metropolis, China's silicon valley, and wuhan should learn from shenzhen's experience, attract the world's talents, and strive to become another technology center of China.

  2. 张飞

    Located in the center of China, wuhan is the transportation hub of China, known as the Chicago of China, with a GDP per capita of $20,000.
    There are many scientific research institutions and universities. Wuhan is the city with the largest number of college students in China, which has great potential.
    The 64-layer 3D NAND FLASH storage of the Yangtze River Storage has begun mass production. With the expansion of storage capacity, wuhan will have strong room for development and rise.

  3. M9

    What a beautiful province of Hubei. I would love to visit this place
    and many places in China. I love China and its culture. Long live China and its culture.

  4. Apple Bee

    I visited Wuhan 10 years ago. Although I didn't see everything in Wuhan, the tour took me to a small area that I liked it very much. I would love to visit Wudang mountain one day to learn about Taoism and Taichi history. I love China. Long live China and its culture.

  5. Hang Hang

    Beautiful Hubei, China. China is beautiful. I love China and will visit China soon.

  6. playnite

    The song makes it feel romantic. Nice showcase

  7. Joseph Shirwa

    Wuhan have changed a lot since 2013.. I miss Wuhan da xue

  8. chandra subba

    Beautiful china long live china

  9. edgar paul allena

    I love you china

  10. Steve Wang

    Love for my hometown Wuhan

  11. Abu Zafar

    Beautiful china I love china

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