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  1. Henry Ro

    Screw this joke 😂😂😂😤😭

  2. Ayon Hossain

    Hmmm why they do this

  3. Simone

    I would love to remind to all the scared people that sometimes human mistakes happen. Just a little error and the glass could break 😉 we, as humans, are not perfect

  4. Achu Achuu

    I'll try to visit that bridge

  5. Gillay bhutia

    forcing or dragging someone incapable to walk on that bridge is not good idea. person may get heart attack or may go into psychogenic shock or worst coma.

  6. Divya Bhave


  7. The Reverse Master

    There is probably a label that reads 'MADE IN CHINA' and you think 'Stuff from China always breaks'. Falls to death.

  8. Chris Castillo

    Blacks fear water, jobs and the police and Chinese fear heights! lol

  9. Better Tomorrow

    It's made in China, 100% save! China has made crazy infrastructures that no one could believe possible, but NEVER a single failure. Respect to Chinese Engineers!

  10. Airi

    I feel anxiety watching this 🤯

  11. Von Par

    The thumbnail photo is not only faked, but it also stolen from www. elitereaders.com. Seems like you have a lot of trouble upcoming, Independent Bangla!

  12. Diet Cheese

    What’s with the terrible laugh track

  13. Khraw Kupar

    Final destination

  14. haruto palakama

    Imagine Mr.Bean walking in this bridge😂

  15. Mahwish Fatma


  16. Coolgirl Gamer123

    I would of been made the glass break and break my neck by then lol!

  17. Peter griffin

    The second guy was like well just fall

  18. Eddie Tavares Jr.

    They must of been on drugs building this bridge it must of been pretty good drugs !!!!!

  19. TheGamerLegend 7

    Is it safe to walk ?lol 😂

  20. ARMbangtan

    What if someone actually jump and fall because of that? Lmao

  21. Francisco Galicia

    "Glass is glass, and glass breaks"

  22. AmyRoseFan 188

    I feel bad for those scared people. 🙁

  23. Cristina Sebastiao

    How do you make the glass break

  24. DivineDarkness

    0:13 *old spiderman theme plays*

  25. creepy creeper

    Your dead its made in CHINA

  26. Mandeep singh

    It's very horror and funny

  27. Carmeling Dulinen


  28. Chris TheHybrid

    哈哈哈哈哈哈 XD


    It'd be funny if someone got so scared, they jumped over the rail to their death…

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