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    Let's open our markets to China parasites so they can be successful, steal & challenge us militarily. Without US markets China will fail completely.

  2. Fabzil

    America First is turning into America 2nd ^^

  3. Ray c

    bought time vice maybe next do something on joe bidens son working for the chinese goverment

  4. Susdey Sun

    In fact, china believes every country loves trade, and friendship, not war. USA loves war, and trade altogether. A prolong war will cost US billion dollars. US military bases around this world costs another billion dollars even without a fight. Every day, many nations or people become a US target or enemy, damaging massive relationship, and trade with USA itself in the process. At some points they attack US troops, killed or wounded many US troops, damaged tanks, jets and million dollars wasted. When massive trade deficit happens in USA, US leaders start to find ways to blame china for everything, ranging fron stealing to unfair trade. But China also has a problem, trade war alone causes many suffered on all sides. What is next? Possibly hell.

  5. Emmerich August

    It's official, China wants to dominate the world. It's time for us serfs to start learning mandarin.

  6. capespring

    the US is reigning champion in having military bases in foreign countries and now that China intending to do the same and the US cry foul, how absurd is that?

  7. warrensgoferteeth

    that shud make u leftist piggs happy

  8. Martha Salgado

    Smells like war

  9. Sanjar Skrenes

    China needs to be divided and dismantled ASAP by the West the way we did with them in 1901, and to the Soviet Union in 1991.

  10. spade 1

    boring msm cia,propaganda

  11. Philip Owen

    This is a common economic strategy by the American corporatocracy too

  12. Cowboy Bebop

    President Pedophile lips are moving so he's lying.
    VICE News is Fake News.

  13. Dat Truong

    Garbage media fear mongering. US has 38 foreign named bases and how did they get them? China has 1 in Dijibouti after they gave them a bunch of loans. There is only 1 super power. The US spends as much as the next 7 largest military combined!

  14. Aloha Ho Ho Ho

    No need to bash Trump, he is well aware of the "One Belt One Road" initiative, that's why he has all the dragon slayers around him (steve bannon, john Bolton, peter navaro) and none of the panda huggers. That's why we have sailed thru the Taiwan strait several times this year. BTW, you should keep using the old term "One Belt One Road", the Chinese renamed it to "Belt and Road Initiative" after getting pushed back from many countries. And yes, you're at least two years too late with this upload.

  15. Fred Landry

    China is using predatory lending to build a network of military bases so they can dominate global trade and eclipse the USA as a world power. And they work with Russia to undermine us.

  16. appache mathews

    I’m so happy to see vice not being retarded for once

  17. Ludu


  18. fillabong

    Jah booty shake like a Salt shaker

  19. Ricardo Gallegos

    Remember….everything is made in China…cheaply.

  20. mafia orginizada

    The battle of economist a very very good Adviser.
    Smarter Vs clever
    Wait I'm going to poop

  21. Donkey Kong

    Aren’t we’re happy that China is emulating US? Isn’t imitation is the best form of flattery. Next US constitution & democracy…I’m sure we won’t be happy then either

  22. Donkey Kong

    Why are we concern with others loans? Sounds like sour grapes to me. Why don’t we provide loans then, why complain

  23. Donkey Kong

    Do we expect other nations to roll out the red carpet to the US military?

  24. vanMrMann

    Man just imagine if all that military money would be spend on science, education, healthcare and our environment… We'd basically skip the next 20 years.

  25. Nelson Gonzalez

    USA could have helped various countries, it didn’t, so China stepped up and is now reaping rewards. Get over it.

  26. Two5 Arts

    One day china may get emotional and accidentally launch a missile targeting us ……then god help china

  27. neoh khai liang

    Good I support China, American bully Middle East Country and Asian country for century….. This is karma….

  28. Marshall Finkbeiner

    Mmm sounds like they learned this from us?

  29. Dub Uzell

    China was screwed bye every one for hundreds of years. Now it's payback. U.S. are nervous and can't do anything.

  30. Raymundo Velez

    China may be growing their military but they have no experience in war US has always been in wars and there for have the experience to win the war as they have always have. So let China keep playing these games US will win trust me they will win !

  31. Oochali Channel

    This channel is so shitty. China wants to be rich as America- what's so wrong with that? Nothing. China wants a powerful military like the United States. What's so wrong with that? Nothing.
    Now, do they have benevolent or nefarious reasons – unpredictabile but based in human nature's natural thirst for power, it is probable that something ugly could go down.
    But do not use the world "undermine" but "be better than".

  32. Chum Bucket

    Exactly what US doing to another countries for the last 70 years

  33. doocieonu


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