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  1. Anton Petrov

    totally realized Architetti means Architect after I recorded this 😀 His family name was corrected in the closed captions, it's Boeri
    #teamtrees !

  2. uh wot


  3. Dirty Robot

    Forest city, most stupid idea.
    Think of the mosquitoes the residents will suffer before instigating a massive insecticide campaign that wipes out the local insects.
    Think of all those cats the people will own that will kill all the forest birds.
    Think of the potential issue of a forest fire.
    Great plan. I'll take six cities please.

  4. CaptainCroutons

    Will this counteract the fact that they’re the world leader in highest co2 emissions? Spoiler: no.

  5. Ateista Agnostik

    In the Sahara, one man was planting trees and after a few years he was able to create a micro climate where that forest became self-sustaining! It happened somewhere south of the Atlas Mountains!

  6. history always repeats

    The Earth is flat

  7. Stefan Forsberg

    Great video! Thanks fore shareing news! 💖

  8. Ian Whiteley

    As a kid i thought trolls lived under bridges apple is posion to them so every bridge i planted apple trees i never stoped

  9. Johnny Tsang

    So China do things very quietly, but when the government giving out information is propaganda !
    All the media is the same ! This was a nice video then you just have to go along with the media……..

  10. Ian Whiteley

    Good boy china. I have planted apple trees all my life at every bridge i find i plant aple trees

  11. Peter Smythe

    "Share tech with nearby central Asian countries."

    Grand strategic implications intensify

  12. Peter Smythe

    America: "We declare war on Mexican migrants who are victims of our international policy."

    Europe: "We declare war on Syrian migrants who are victims of our international policy."

    China: "We declare war on deserts."

  13. Peter Smythe

    "12-13 billion trees per year."

    That's like.. 150 Billion trees. Is China Carbon Neutral because of this or?

  14. Peter Smythe

    Finally someone does a China video that's not trying to destabilize the Chinese goverment.

  15. Boss Rooster

    We are 4000 years overdue for an ice age. If burning fossil fuels is helping stop that, hand me the chainsaw!

  16. Anatomy for Medical Students Hussain

    Could you please verify us about billion tree tsunami project of Pakistani province KPK
    Is it what they claim or just hoax

  17. Vedant Chavan

    Decade before almost all countries were trying to follow USA and now most of them following china nothing last for long someday US and China will be dethroned and some other nation will take their place…

  18. Nova Surge Gaming

    Who cares about lame danged trees anyway. We have enough of them already. Are people really wasting money one this? So stupid!

  19. Robert Zigo

    It is a paradox. China is deforesting many places but trying to make forrest in desert. They should care much more about natural ecosystems and then try to find ways to cultivate deserts… I appreciate their job now, but it is sad and nice to look at the same moment.

  20. White Boy

    Wow china give the world nearly all of its pollution and yet you climate change lovers and tree huggers think they’ve planted a few trees so they are wonderful? Pathetic

  21. Dustin Cordell

    lol i think this is just propaganda i want to personally count every tree they said that planted and whats the damn point they are Chinese they will just cut them all down in 20 years

  22. Stephen Bowland

    China commits cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing. Its our turn.

  23. El Nada

    Global Greening has also its part in this as NASA found out.

    I can understand why they do such things in South-East-Asia – there are all the polluting factories that produce >90% of all endmanufactured goods on this planet. The point being is that even people in germany complain about bad airquality even tho they have the cleanest air ever in their history. In the west people think their environment is fucked up but it seems they have no idea how it looked 150 years ago, when children were sent into the mines, horseshit was lying in the streets, there were no filters on factories and when it snowed in the matter of an hour everything was black from pollution. People in the west don't have the right to complain at all but nevertheless they are protesting against modern transportation, throw bags of human poo at miners and try to bring through legislation to ban the little production that is left. They are against genetic modification, they are against vaccines, they are against fossil fuels, they are against nuclear energy, they are against everything.

    And what is with Albedo? Planting trees and vegetation might be good against desertification and pollution but what about global warming? Trees have a pretty bad Albedo as you have taught us in a previous video of yours and this large scale actions of spawning so much vegetation in so short time span – that is geoengineering in the end, yes or no? We are interfering on large scale in our planetary systems, right? Why is promoting planting trees then good and promoting building greenhouses or other means of trying to reflect light into space bad?

  24. papaburger

    we should plant tree in the Amazon area .

  25. JJ BB

    Nature is life, whoever has it will eventually win at the end.

  26. JJ BB

    We’re copying it thank you 🙂 Go China we’re proud of you doing your part.

  27. Chris Davies

    The Loess Plateau recovery is an amazing story I have been following for many years.

  28. papaburger

    What kinds of trees should we plant ( in Canada ) ?

  29. hicthcock100


  30. Artjoms Pugacovs

    Not shocked. Only lazy and corrupted people would be surprised.
    That is expected from grownups.

  31. Etho The Great

    China is also kicking our butt on most co2 emissions

  32. fidel castro

    Hope that it is not plastic trees 😂

  33. Jack Barnhill

    America and Israel have been planting trees for 50 years.

  34. spiro

    "you have to take this with a grain of salt". Yes, that's correct just as anything coming from NASA.

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