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  1. raja babu

    Around 6 years i had watched this video..today i again searched for this video and it took me 1 hour to find this cuz now there are thousands of videos of china's high speed train but song in this video forced me to search this video again.

  2. Jhin Jeffjin

    Look at Taiwan . What does it doing now?

  3. andtsech

    Good music

  4. 阿理

    很喜欢这种航拍啊~  视野通透~ 酷,配乐也很nice

  5. Ultimate Broly

     Oh my oh my. Very well Chinese people are hardworker. But I am hardworker, too.

  6. Xiaobin Duan


  7. Xiaobin Duan

    2:23  Is that a traffic accident on the high way?


    excellent china railway i like that and i want in india as that like.

  9. Stefano Montesanti

    Does someone know the name of the station at 1:112:21? Of what city of China? I have been searching for a long time on web but didn't find anything, uff. Thank you so much. 🙂

  10. Stefano Montesanti

    Excuse me, it is the Suzhou North Railway Station? I can't understand. Thank you for sharing! 🙂



  12. Yu Lu

    Home! The video was quite old. Nowadays, the surroundings of the railway stations have changed a lot.

  13. Hua Zhou

    heavy air pollution right from the very beginning.

  14. Patrick Fly

    It is one year ago. Now it looks much nicer now. Greetings from Canada.

  15. Takashi Itakura

    A fantastic piece of work!  Would you please let me know the background music that you selected when you made this video tape?

  16. yuchuan xing

    一般般,新建的比这个漂亮 的多了去了。

  17. TheLiyihang

    Hello! World! welcome to China!

  18. typhooonn

    Very cool. Greetings from Germany

  19. Nicolas Vivansan

    chin nchu arikato saka tu moko chin chun shi shu sy shya :B

  20. Ching Jui Young

    those are some pretty awesome arial shots


    why india is not doing this type of work

  22. o00o00o00o0o


  23. Taihangtubie

    excellent vid.

  24. tianyadaniel

    thanks for your comment!

  25. bkleijer

    Thanx for sharing! Greetings from the Netherlands.

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