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  1. Anne Pak

    China's government is only since 1949. United States Republic is the OLDEST Republic in the world. Most perfect form of government. China cannot compare to American history. 5,000 years, China never created a normal government. Just Emperors and Dictators. China will never beat America because it doesn't have the correct form of government. Chinese Communist Party are gangsteres and theives, who abuse and murder its own people. America will crush PLA in any fight. China go back to making shoes and toys. America is the boss.

  2. randolf coz

    thanks USA and tatay trump,

  3. 王召君

    I am looking forward to world war iii, but I am disappointed. In fact, there will be no war here, because no one dares to shoot the first ,Both China and USA are paper tiger

  4. jay ar aquino

    This united ASEAN Nations will stop China from ill- intent to invade SCS, Taiwan and Hongkong are timely to be recognized as independent nations.

  5. Jiang Yuanyuan

    But American government actually want to stop Chinese development in fair and open way.

  6. Jiang Yuanyuan

    I mean shame on America put it nose into Asia

  7. Rob Bleeker

    ASEAN should step up in being more anti China in the SCS..in the end, it are their waters that need to be kept open for all traffic passing trough.. I am deeply disappointed that they are all relying so much on Western powers

  8. Jayson Alvarado

    Start the war

  9. Jiang Yuanyuan


  10. Tony Z

    God bless America, Trump 2020.

  11. long vang

    Don't believe it be like south Vietnam, you're still want to jump in the ocean do you?

  12. David Leija

    Ok so on a bright side. People living in Vietnam and other countries in Asia and have family in the United States here is a big tip. If you have any relatives working at a port right and you find shipments that is said to be made in China but is tagged and transported to the United States falsely. If u happen to come across that and you tell a family member in the United States with pictures of the container and solid evidence. You will get a big and I mean big reward. If I’m not mistaken it 30 percent of the total cost of the shipment. Look it up it’s on the books. Time to put the chinese thieves in there place.

  13. David Leija

    If China were to ever strike a us carrier, it would be the biggest mistake they ever made. Worse than keeping their males lol 😆 if I were a war planner I would strike every dam and drown the pigs that the chinese love to dump into its rivers. But for now I would be pleased with a plague. To wipe them all out

  14. ဒီေဂ် ခ်စ္သူ


  15. Kofe Lee

    USA is loseing in money. Strength. And respect.i Don't believe he watching over a country like America what happened is the USA turned away from God

  16. Kofe Lee

    China and rusha are looking for reason .elmanate the..usa.

  17. xichlaibenanh

    China go to hell, the whole south east Asia countries be unite and fight china

  18. 孟龑

    Nice work US, keep lying to urself and ur version of brainwashing

  19. Veron Sunshine

    Thx 2 you! Here my question again: pls can u sent some of ur people to the DNY island Bohol, impunity is really growing every day! salamat!

  20. Arc Light

    CCP are scumbags.

  21. arnulfo lovenaria

    The Break Down of China into pieces is coming soon….Their poisonous products will come to an end…..

  22. G.C M

    China is trying to control the Pacific, it's high time we started bringing manufacturing back. The American navy are very professional,
    china is delusional if they think America will allow chinas continued expansion.

  23. Luke Thighwalker

    China is like the Zerg and must be contained.

  24. DavidShepherdBoy

    American bluff.

  25. Armando Hernandez

    This channel is pushing for war is it😂

  26. jack chung

    Lol 😂 😂 😂
    Keep on dreaming
    Lol 😂 😂 😂

  27. dreii Serrano

    Let the war begin!!!

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