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    What is the percentage scale on the right. Percentage of what? Fail for not labeling units.

  2. Michael Howell

    CCP will fall when the starving coolies show up at the gates! DON'T SELL FOOD TO CHINA! EVER AGAIN! That will spell the end of Communist China! Simple, ain't it?😆👍🇺🇸

  3. Clay Potter

    If it were Obama he’d blow the stimulus now … then another one come winter.

  4. Darin j6789

    China devalues their currency so as to make all the illegal methamphetamines they manufacture and export to the rest of the world cheaper , thus grow their economy by laundering drug revenue into a stimulus package ,,,, brilliant if it wasn’t killing so many children in the world .

  5. Seven Eighty

    Fake bar graph. A depiction of 0.4% reduction in chinas GDP growth is nothing. China is still a huge market and can go back up in no time.

  6. Rose Phoenix

    Trade war is still continue

  7. Rea Ality

    China knows its Communist system can't compete economically on a level playing field with US Capitalism. They must maintain unfair trade practices to compete.

  8. James Lewis

    They have over extended themselves and accrued too much debt and issued bad loans. No more luxury items for them. Xi get ready for the meltdown.

  9. James Lewis

    Screw the figures. China is coming to a standstill with layoffs and then civil unrest. We will be fine.

  10. Youve been lied to

    FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Richard Depaola jr

    What a crock…this was all happening long before there was even a hint of a trade war. The fact is, the Chinese economy has been a bubble that was either going to burst or deflate and this was known for over 15 years. They had to build cities for NO ONE to keep it from collapsing and it was still deflating. China's economy has been growing slower each year for the last how many years? 6-7? How many companies have left China in the last year?

    There is a reason why tech companies have been leaving China, it is no longer "the" place to be. When Vietnam and Thailand can steal companies from you, you lost your pull. And their grip on the rare earth metals is ending with 4 nations ramping up their production this year with 2 production plants also opening up in America shortly. There is no longer a reason for tech companies to remain.

  12. Robert Smith

    That graph is very misleading.

  13. A Peculiar People

    Matthew 24:7 King James Version (KJV)

    7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.


    So Dems, Tell Me How The US Will Lose Trade War

  15. tomitstube

    these graphs are ridiculous, not to mention useless.

  16. Stephen Kershaw

    USA under Trump is getting annihilated…. Trump is clueless to what he's doing

  17. Tom Servo

    If China gets hit hard, they can reconfigure their economy that would be considered illegal here, real fast

  18. Tom Servo

    The scales on the charts are deceptive.

  19. Terry Herrera

    China has to deal w/the Hong Kongans !!😂 It has to divert a LOT of attention there ! No economic or Social stability !!!!
    Keep it up kongans 👍🏼🙏🙏❤️❤️🎶🎶🇨🇱🇨🇱🖖🖖🖖🖖
    UNLIKE MANY of our youth ! Want free everything ! With no work !- Kongan’s are fighting REAL oppression !!

  20. Haibo Hu

    The bar chart itself seems to be sensational propaganda. Come on, the 6.2% growth rate comparing to 6.8% is rendered nearly to no growth. That is psychological propaganda tactic.

  21. Bhan Singh

    Haha 6.0 to 6.5 growth be real

  22. Shemuel Roget

    I know this beautiful female Chinese surgeon with the most beautiful pale white skin. Her name is Chin. Chin is married to a really cool muscular dark black American pizza delivery man from Mississippi. Whilst eating cold pizza for breakfast Chin told me and her black husband that she agrees with the Trump tariffs on China.

  23. Henry L

    One of the two will stand in the end, either China or the US. Let’s see.

  24. dedoshucos

    The USA is far from perfect, in fact the whole Western world has its governing and cultural flaws
    But he 1 thing that sets the West apart is not it's human rights record, nor even it's social inequalities. 
    It's the believe in "balance of power" where no one ruling party can control it all.
    Why was Japan/S Korea able to become some most technologically developed nations in the world?
    Because they Embraced democracy, human rights, balance of power which led to their own "democratic intellectual innovation" without having to break any rules nor stealing it from other nations.
    Democratic intellectual innovation China lacks, and it's clearly not so confident they can create it without having to steal it, not just from North America, but from the EU & Japan & Korea
    The Chinese communist government takes hypocrisy to an entirely new UNHEARD of level by claiming innocence in IP theft, by pro-claiming "Mutually beneficial by equal cooperation with China" by denying the existence of Uighur Muslims imprisonment in re-education camps for years to the face of the world while with its actions the Chinese Government clearly proclaims the complete opposite and with its actions it clearly shows it has world domination aspirations by financially dominating ALL of the world's most important technological Industries and having the world depend on the Chinese government for exclusive services and industries only China will be in place to provide. It'll be a World-Monopoly which will evolve from economic, to military of course.
    The Chinese have very wise sayings, here is an American saying I learned and I'm very proud of Having learned it
    "Actions speak louder than words"
    Right now the only balance of power rising China has is the USA by clearly not such coherent actions, but actions nevertheless, by a NOT so impartial NOR well-liked leader but opposition to total power nevertheless, 
    If you know your history you would know that nobody liked the Romans in their own generation (and rightfully so) for just the same reason, they were the ones calling the shots, albeit by totally brutal methods but in an entirely different era of the world
    Regardless, the Huns, the Germanic tribes & all the rest of the peoples that displaced the Romans out of hate, were unable to recreate anything closely equal to what the Romans achieved,
    What did we get out of the fall of the Roman Empire?
    A thousand years of generations living in Dark Ages, Generations that had plenty of time to look at the ruins of technological innovations the Romans created & left behind, plenty of time to look back with a clear understanding that past Generations had a higher "standard of living" which is the reason why the Western world to this day praises & admires the achievements of the Romans
    That is exactly what the world will get out of displacing the USA as the dominant global power, "the fall of democratic intellectual innovation and a new Dark Age for Human Rights and freedom of choice" by replacing it out of pure hate, NOT reason, with an oppressing authoritarian communist regime, who's self-interest outweighs everything and everyone in order to ensure the party's survival
    Chinese civilization, Chinese people are not rising and are not inheriting the political power that the USA has. They are not filling the vacuum left behind.
    It is the one-party communist government with too much power
    Here is another outstanding American saying "Better the devil you know then the devil you don't"
    Ask yourself this, given China's record on human rights, do you believe we would live in a better world 50 years from now? 100 years from now? If the Chinese communist government was the most economically / politically / military dominating power on Earth?
    America has a multitude problems to address, some call America the devil,

    Which devil do you know better?

  25. IDNeon357

    Wtf kind of graph is that you pieces of shit? 6.2 looks paper thin and 6.8 looks like a tall tower? You think we are fucking stupid?

  26. Truth Matters

    You guys make a stupid GDP graph. Did you go to school? So stupid. Why 6.2% growth is shown as only 10% of 6.8%. Bloomberg has a bunch of idiots.

  27. gerry etheridge

    I am an old man. Having lived as a American during a time when the only trade goods we purchased from communist china were paper fans. One earner households were the norm and we were thriving .One earner could buy a home, purchase a car and provide for an average family. Then this free trade started in the later part of the 60s. Jobs and factories began leaving our shores and corrupt politicians actually passed laws encouraging the practice, we were sold out to the highest bidder, none of that has changed. A nation should only import that which it can not produce for its self .

  28. Howard Kerr

    I would be willing to bet that most/all the folks leaving comments on here to the effect that "….China needs the U.S. but the U.S. doesn't need China…" have never set foot out of the U.S.
    You get a much better perspective on the world once you leave your own little corner of it.

  29. John Denny

    The ignorance of economics and understanding of China on this board is stunning. China is a powerful, well run country who has figured out how to be successful. They have long term access to all the economic inputs they need, including food, and they are in this trade war for the long run. Xi is in office for life. Trump has to win in the short run or be voted out of office. The long run wins. US govt debt to GDP ratio is over 100%, China is only 54%. When you see China at 300%, that includes all corporate debt and all individual debt. Bogus comparison. In US, farmers are losing big, citizens are paying for the tariffs (Trump says China is paying us tariffs = LIE), US GDP growth rate is expected to be only 1.8% next quarter – lower than under Obama, US manufacturing is dropping under Trump, job growth slowing, etc. US will buckle first. China will win. They are a better run country than US and their citizens are tougher than US citizenry who will cry uncle and vote for change.

  30. Charles W R

    Trump's China tariffs are new taxes on American consumers or the bottom 90%.
    Republicans and Trump gave away the Tax dollars to the top 1% and corporates.
    Trump raised tax on the Bottom 90%.

  31. Sermsak Songsiridej

    No deal is better than bad deal. After more than one year of talking, China has had enough. Trump can hold on to his glory. China has close to 100 countries participating in its belt and road initiative. The upcoming 2nd import expo in November will attract a large number of participants. These are more productive than trade talk with US.

  32. Robert Waterman

    Suckers, between the political tension and the economic tensions China may have a new government by the beginning of 2020.

  33. Lovetta Campbell

    Look. In the 50s and60s. Most things were made here and we went through. Major recession now most things are made in china. And their are going to have a recession. Only they are manipulating their currency. So beware


    US = Trump NEVER EVER WIN😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂







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