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  1. Chloe Wang

    China has been worlds largest economy for a while now

  2. Chloe Wang

    China’s banking system has surpassed that of the eurozone to become the world’s largest by assets, a sign both of the country’s increased influence in world finance and its reliance on debt to drive growth since the global financial crisis.

    While China’s gross domestic product surpassed the EU’s economic bloc in 2011 at market exchange rates, its banking system did not take over the top spot until the end of 2016, Financial Times analysis shows.

  3. Hilman Nurisman

    Oppo, Vivo etc

  4. Ever Green

    What Chinese people and government have been doing for the last 70 years to become second largest economy country in the world is imitating. If you ask any Chinese if it is legal to copy right. They all agree. Every country around the world has at least 15% to 45% Chinese products, imitation from A to Z including medicines lol. They have been stealing other countries' ideas and ideals and products, nothing has created by Chinese. Name me a tech product that using Chinese dum as creation. Chinese government has allowed his people to steal people products so The only way to solve this problem is to put Sanctions on Chinese government in order to stop Chinese imitation.

  5. hit chan

    facebook and linkedln my account-chanhit, international space station and me

  6. xossuss123

    There is a big statistics of americans now working in china, almost every sectors of chinese economy

  7. sun yung

    Background song make me feel like iam in heaven

  8. American Native

    so much info in a few minutes. Brain overload

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