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  1. 나가

    왜 계량된 한복만 계속 보여주는지;;

  2. 真田廣之


  3. Samuel Yu

    I am a South Korean that has been fascinated by Real Chinese Culture.

  4. jamison lee

    I just hate how the hanbok is being changed their starting to make them shorter NO!! It's suppose to be long not up past your knees

  5. 闪金镇希巴马

    Imagine whites or blacks to wear these clothes.

  6. Jin

    ㅁㅊㄴ ㅈㄲ ㅂㅅㅇ

  7. Junior ChineseShitSwampGooks

    Hanbok and Kimono are classy. Qipao = shit
    The difference is Hanbok and Kimono can be worn in present time's events, it means they are still alive. While qipao is only worn in movies. They are no clothes in today's time.

  8. HopDot

    Love hanfu and kimono!
    Hanbok is unique in its own ways

  9. elinal855

    @Phead128 Yeah, who's next? Jesus is Korean right?

  10. Ye Sun

    @Phead128 haha…whatever you stupid korean. why don you say the whole world originate from korea???

  11. wlwlnana

    love my chinese dress<3

  12. 드립 안받아줌ㅅㄱ

    이거올린놈 한국인인척 할려고 한국노래깔고 한국비하하는 사진올려놔서 엿먹일려는 속셈아냐?

  13. Maokai Sapling

    @lol02468 AHHHHH MAH EYEZZZ!!!

  14. 충청도아저씨

    씨발 열받네. 어떤 병신같은게 한복 저따구로 디자인 해서 해외사이트에 오르락내리락 하게 하냐.
    링위에 사진으로 한복을 평가하면 지상최대로 천해보인다.
    그리고 이거 편집해서 올린새끼도 열받네. 혐한 아니면 병신 둘중에 하나것지.

  15. Be Heng

    한복도 이쁜데, 사진 전부 어둡게나오거나 링위에 한복야하게개조한사진밖에없네요…

  16. taniichoco

    What song is this?

  17. Morgan Collins

    @SamuraiTogo Kimono in its modern form is a derivative of Hanfu. The kimono you're talking about that came before do not look anything like it is today. Everything is a derivative of the Kanfuku, which is the Honfuk/Hanfu. Before the influence of Hanfu, people of Japan wore something like this: web.mit.edu/jpnet/kimono/history-jomon. html

    people of the Asuka and Kofun periods likely wore clothing depicted in the Terra Cotta Haniwa were sculptures, which do not look like modern kimono

  18. First Last

    when will women re-learn to dress – pretty and modest – vs the boxing-round girls who put all their wares on display

  19. ざしきわらし

    wait. song is kpop LOL
    i want chnage the ACDC highway to hell

  20. ざしきわらし

    i don't wanna fight..i korean.
    kimono is too awesome hanbok is too great!

  21. Kindapple

    @SamuraiTogo lol I dont care what u says just go ahead keep ur faith but logic doesnt change that Japanese look more like Chinese clothes.

  22. SamuraiTogo

    Do you remember the APEC summit held in South Korea?
    Top leaders of each nations wore the Korean hanbok and took the souvenir picture.
    ★Then, many people watching it said "Wow what is this! This is so ugly that I cannot look directly. "
    Many people in internet said the things like that.
    This is the real.
    ★Only Koreans don't know those real facts. Koreans are really miserable.

  23. SamuraiTogo

    >>hanbok has own unique looking

    But you forgot "ugly"
    "hanbok has own unique ugly looking" is right.
    ★In reality, many people think that Korean hanbok is something like maternity dress. And nobody except Koreans wants to wear Korean hanbok .

  24. Kindapple

    @SamuraiTogo umm.. regardless of the fact that ur barking.. the logic of most people is hanbok has own unique looking compare to chinese one and Japanese one is almost same as Chinese one.

  25. SamuraiTogo

    You Koreans are sick liar.
    ★Kimono has nothing to do with Korean Hanbuk.
    ★Japanese kimono existed before the birth of hanfu. So kimono does not derives from Chinese hanfu directly, but strongly affected by hanfu .
    Japanese has improved kimono with mixing the elements of hanfu for more than 1000years. It has become kimono.
    ★So, kimono is a refined and more beautiful version of a mixture of ancient kimono and hanfu.

    ★Korean Hanbok is a dead copy of Chinese hanfu.

  26. chonglin zhan

    i like hanfu the most, then kimono, final hanbok, and hanfu is the teacher of both kimono and hanbok

  27. chonglin zhan

    @foreverROCforever japanese kimono was copied from China at the period of Tang,and korean hanbok was copied from China at period of Ming, its true that chinese hanfu nowadays are cheaper and korean ones are weird

  28. C Jh

    chinese dress is hanfu actually

  29. Mike Lee

    Like japanese dress most….Chinese ones look cheap and Korean ones weird.

  30. Su Chon

    @hesitation24 I love the hanbok. 🙁 It has a very modest and elegant look that i find very classy. I esp love the ones that have puffy skirts that gisaengs used to wear 🙂

  31. Su Chon

    @grubelsucht Actually the traditional korean and chinese dress have no influences on each other though there was a point in which the chinese dress hanfu was seen as trendy in korea. Neverthe less there was no fusion among the cultures in traditional dress. The japanese Kimono didnt have much influences from korean hanbok but it had heavy influence from the chinese hanfu. so there you have it 🙂

  32. karma360amrak

    Anyone know the title of this song and the singer?

  33. karma360amrak

    When you express hatred, you run the risk of alienating yourself & those you represent. Try to be more respectful & accepting…how can you be criticized for being so? Remind yourself that the good will always be remembered more fondly than the bad.
    Beautiful traditional outfits, as well as the variations. I really like the heavily layered quality of past versions. Love the Asian sense of aesthetics, over & over again. Aja aja!

  34. nobordercool

    @itwillbealright hahaha, mother? and Gay? What's your next typically American insult way? Shame on you and your monochromatic asylum place.

  35. nobordercool

    @itwillbealright MAYBE?????? WHITE?????? you need hide something about yourself? because of dog eater? hahaha

  36. MaroLee

    @itwillbealright Oh, I see.. Thanks for the answer.

  37. nobordercool

    @itwillbealright got an American citizenship like I advised? hahaha

  38. MaroLee

    Wtf are those ring-girls doing in the Korean section? ^-^" That isn't a traditionel piece of clothing..
    I'm a little scared to ask about this, (read a few of the earlier comments) but what is it chinese, japanese and korean (expecially japanese, korean) has against each other?
    Something about Korea being a dog of Japan (-_-")

  39. rcdc .2

    Japan and Korea will always be our door dog, don't worry we'll look after you!

  40. B Yip

    STICK TOGETHER ASIA!!!! Don't let the name, place, language, and customs cut you into ugly pieces. The hot blood that flows in you is from the pure and strong. We are the only ones without western corruption. Stay Strong!
    btw gorgeous dresses…(sum) srry!!

  41. 名無し


  42. nobordercool


    You stole everything from japan even toilet paper at the public toilet.

    Go to America and get a better life. Don't come to Japan cuz' we hate South Korean very very very much.

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