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  1. Nana

    5G killed birds, 6G kills infant?

  2. TAXH

    Normally, china never announce any initiative before project takes off. When it happens, it means the message: catch me if you can.

  3. Ben Cheong

    5Gs 6Gs disrupt the birds in the air and flying insects on the ground 👈
    It slowly kills these animals 👈

  4. Perry Escobar

    Amazing how so different in technology and infrastructure. They so far ahead.

  5. Mr. Kolohe

    6G is just another opportunity for the CCP to control their people!

  6. jerry daniel

    Huawei's # 1 🌏 💪💪💪💪

  7. jane simmons

    it will kill us all

  8. US of Israhell

    But China stole it from the US who don't even have 5G. 😂

  9. US of Israhell

    Trump and Nasty Pelosi are throwing a tantrum after reporting this.

  10. Joyce Lau Lee See S


  11. 漢仔

    They want US to compete, rather to complain. 'Come on…, you whiner.' '

  12. Prashant Jaiswal

    No one can compete China because China have learnt only one thing ie do hardwork do hardwork and do hardwork because if you always do your best no one can compete you this is the real reality of China's growth.

  13. Dallas Boring News

    Screw this, I'm moving to China

  14. Gringo Sinting

    Huawei is already starting it even before this announcement

  15. Kenyi Francis

    If China is starting 6G, shall the U S say it's stolen also this time from who. If the U S don't even have 5G the best thing is lock up your technology which you can't even use it for something other than to accuse someone for your own downfall.

  16. Hit Stoner

    It'll 6G pave way for surveillance systems, sweeping Artificial intelligence A.I, esp Quantum Computing.
    A.I will be used in Autonomous EV vehicle's like buses, car's etc

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