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  1. laowhy86

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  2. Qmy Dee

    Always interesting! Thank you

  3. Ian Ng

    thanks for saying it as it is

  4. Sul sur

    So, about title of this video. What was your conclusion? Confused 🤨🤨

  5. dan 11

    what is funny is that if u look up the very first video that was uploaded on this channel Matt talks about crime in china while riding a bike, and the most recent vid after 7 years is also about crime in china

  6. Richard F

    good 。 china is full of crimes. dont come to china pls

  7. zencofchina


  8. Andreas Dunvald

    for some reason I have not been able to put myself into that bubble. I lived at my university's dorm in Beijing, and now 2km away from Fudan univeristy. But every time I see a shushu going with trash, pirate taxis, gutter oil. As I thought every time i saw a pirate taxi. if he can get 1 man every day to pay 200 yuan, he will earn twice as much, as my girlfriend does, and she is a sectretary at some no name financial company. I have talked with university teachers about double documentations at workplaces to save on health care. That one contract to show for inspections and one that they actully follow. My firend got her bag with her wallet and passport stolen in beijing right outside of the gate, by a scooter gang, she had still not fully registered, her husband had to fly to Beijing to deliver it, since by mail would take too long time. That bubble I see the rest of my fellow students in, is a place I can't be in. I think too much about the what I see. yesterday I saw people set up a coal stack and lit it on fire. The same area where I weekly, see a ferrari drive into that appartment area. I can keep on, and I have only lived here for close to 1 year, and I did not talk a lot with people, nor did I hold a job or anything like that. I am just a student.

  9. whitehorse1959

    Love your uploads! Thanks a bunch.

  10. David Peppert

    And the fact that there are plenty of prisons there proves your point!

  11. Matt Apple

    Is there any Country with no crime ?

  12. George Osprey

    They kill petty thieves.. or harvest their organs if they are healthy.
    Seriously doesn't pay to be a criminal in China.

  13. interpretation 21


    N. A person whom alienates himself from his homeland

    context; usually for reason that his country is invaded by impossible foreignors pretending equality which causes instability in native culture and so encouraging foreign fantasy …consequenting in the outcome of a deformed life called expatriation .

    – courtesy the Loki Dictionary

  14. fludblud

    Great, first they take our manufacturing jobs but now you tell me China exports cheap hitmen too? John Wicks gonna be out of a job soon.

  15. Adam Offord

    Which city in Guizhou did you live in ? Guizhou is my favorite province in China, so beautiful!

  16. Sonmi 451

    outstanding vid 👍🏽

  17. MIKE BO

    Did you get raped or robbed in Huizhou? Lol

  18. IntoYour Heart

    Good anlysis. as a Chinese I agree we have many hidden problems that can lead an dramatic increase of crime rate.

  19. Dam Ha


  20. Jacob H

    You are a brave man. You sincerely wanted to be part of China for the love of China but.. China did not cooperate it seems. It pains me to think how many meals you must have had with recycled gutter oil. You're in Taiwan now I think? Good for you.

  21. Record my Dayz in China Sijie AKA PayPay

    Dude, the lil city that you lived can't represent China for real. There is ghetto like there are ghettos which more ridiculous in US and UK and other place. But at here they never hurt innocent, there is no bullet in the air, if you like to live here go get a stable job and stop spread shit

  22. headquarters25

    They definitely underreported their HIV numbers.

  23. TIDU YKK

    this is traditional view , western guy is liking take bad place in China.
    actually, when i went to NewYork, i Never took dirty place like subway to my friends in china
    of course, in a word China is much more safe than other countries.

  24. Lucky Yiw

    What is your fucking point? every country got its crime problem.
    why would China falsify its crime rate? you better look into your
    own country and stop trying to smear China image just because
    your background and education is based on those stupid
    ideology. so go get a life and stop being a fucking loser.

  25. Anderson Anderson

    U should tell more about guantanamo, native aboriginal slavery and massacre inboth america and australia, black shooting by police, highest prisoner in the world, gold mines slavery history in africa, apartheid and so on, middle east bombing, supportingcolor revolution, your own west history are darker than the ccp

  26. Ee Seh Ong

    You talk like Dalia Lama when he went to Australia. He said Australia has big land mass. And Australia should allow more migrants to Australia to cultivate the agricultural land. He does not know Australia is without much water. The central of Australia was an ocean, now is a salted desert . Without mountain range it will be costly to build dam. Probably China is the first country to build dam in desert. China is the first country to cultivate salt water rice not plastic rice. Israel is the first country to cultivate dripping methods vegetation. Its the method , skill and technology to make a country rich. Not the acquisition of other people’s land in the colonial era to make oneself rich.

  27. Cat_City

    Huge class disparities, poverty just beneath a veneer of wealth, racism, imperialism.
    China is literally America.

  28. Sidney Mathious

    That is so sad that the government have to cover up their crime rate from the rest of the world. China will self destruct if things don't change and it will probably have to be a change in government to make that change.

  29. Christopher Naze

    Great video!

  30. Jeanie Chowdury

    I was hoping you would do a video about this.
    Very interesting
    Thank you.

  31. vegnewb

    Japan also lies about it’s crime rate.

  32. Cesare X

    Your videos are disgusting, you’re just generating hatred and misunderstanding between foreigners and Chinese because of the existence of information imbalance. People could go to China, visiting those provinces and verify if China is the way this man described

  33. EAL

    Depends on what you compare to. Baltimore, Wilmington, Newark, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Long Beach, all are way more dangerous than any cities in China. Even cops are apprehensive about some of the neighborhoods in these cities.

  34. Matthew Stein

    "China is lying to you." There, fixed it for you.

  35. Sebastiaan Rabet

    Lol so are yours and serpentza videos from beginning until 2 months ago just lies and propaganda? You said so much good in years, now you guys left(?) And it's all bad and dangerous. Srsly you guys did more propaganda towards westerners than the communist government who tend to focus on brainwashing their own country. It's so disappointing. I decided to study in china for 2 years partly because of you guys, and if I believe your videos, and ignore the old ones, I'm gonna go to 2 years of hell. Thank you so much

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