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  1. Erick Cisneros

    The protesters aren’t asking too much!

  2. 14.7 Rtr Rogers

    To HK, baptize your people in the name of Jesus Christ. Don't give in to China XI

  3. I Crusade

    Commie peices if shit

  4. apho lee

    fight for u$ dollar

  5. Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    Every night for the next 10 years a energy will go throughout Hong Kong and surrounding land policing against tyrants wickedness and make this darkness gold upon itself and breaking it instantly

  6. Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    This vial will begin working right now it will embed itself into the land of Hong Kong the Air the water in will morph with the environment

  7. Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    I will pour out a very very powerful judgement vial upon the ones the ones who are trying to hijack lead astray the people of Hong Kong those who were seeded will be forced away from all protest away from anywhere where they can cause any more harm it will cleanse Hong Kong of Chinese troops acting as protesters I will pour out the mega fear of God it will engulf all Hong Kong and all staging areas for Communist military and police and agents of chaos

  8. Sleaze Marko

    Till now, the West could never understand the thinking of the Chinese people. If you study deep enough and forget about all the propaganda from the Western Media, you would find that the Chinese people are willing to sacrifice personal interest in exchange of collective interest for their country. They believe that since they have chosen to be part of the society, their individual Interest is closely tied to the interest of other well beings. In order to have a better life, they must first have a strong nation and therefore collective interests have to take priority over individual interests. This is opposite to what the West practices whereby freedom of speech and individual rights are more important any anything else.

    Due to the lack of proper understanding about the China's history and human behaviour, the young people in Hong Kong are deeply confused and traumatized when it comes to making choices between individual interests and collective interests.

    In China, 800 million people has been lifted out of poverty. Every Chinese has the freedom to pursue the life they wish to have and they are free to travel to any country they want to. They are living prosperously and get to enjoy all kinds of new technologies under the ruling of the Communist party. They have chosen to forego the so called Western style of free speech in exchange for a long term stability and prosperity. This is their choice. You would only be punished when you break the laws. That includes creating social unrest that undermines the progress and stability of the society.

    By Chinese's standard, listening to their government and following government's instructions does not mean their civil rights are being taken away. If they think it is something good for the country and their fellow citizen, and even if they have to give up part of their freedom and rights, they would still do it.

    This thinking, which the West refuses to acknowledge, has jolly well propelled China into a super power that the West refuses to believe.

    The Chinese understand how a country should be run. It has to be through good leadership. They believe good leaders are selected based on merits. A leader should not be elected just because he is popular.

    The Chinese also think there is no such thing as a free country. It is all about where you draw the line and how much personal interests are you prepared to forego in order to trade for a larger gain for the community as a whole. With the right leadership, China has proven that socialism is not an evil when you know how to use it correctly. Don't forget that this is a world of nations competing against nations. Weak countries would always get bullied. Without a strong nation backing you up, you are simply nothing.

    In case you are deeply confused about my comment, just think of the famous quote from the former American president John Kennedy "Ask what you could do for the country and not what the country could do for you."

  9. Hi 61

    You never see protesters using paintball guns!!!

  10. Hi 61

    Where's the molotov cocktails at?!?!?!

  11. Hi 61


  12. Ghost of GG

    Stay strong Hong Kong fuck Communism.

  13. Alma Hirsch


  14. TheIxtlan

    I don't approve of the protesters. They should be arrested and sent to detention camp in China to become productive citizen.

  15. kazoua yang

    I say put all those HK people in jail and make them clean up HK for the mass that they cause lol

  16. Dear Father

    Some idiots sitting in front of their laptops with popcorns, and cheering for those violent thugs in Hong Kong who are trying hard to destroy their own city and the rest of their lives. What a bunch of losers and evil human beings…

  17. Dear Father

    Have u guys seen how the western police force treat the violent thugs in their countries? If u watched that, u’ll know how weak and soft the Hong Kong police force is

  18. Business

    ChinaWorld.com is for sale. Start your startup today.

  19. He Huang

    Looking at these people, I feel so sorry for them. They have no idea what they are losing rn by doing some futile resistances. If you have been to Hong Kong, seriously, China gov gave them enough freedom and autonomy. Easily can be seen from the economy. But nvm, I m very interested to see how these people caused HK to lose all they had before.

  20. Jeremy Liu

  21. tino v

    The police need to be tougher with those hooligans!!

  22. Ar Fifteen

    The first blood of the revolution was finally drawn.

    Long live Democracy!!! Power to the freedom loving people of Hong Kong!!!!!

    May the almighty bless your noble undertaking!!!

  23. dark light

    old people in hong kong should stay the fuck inside

  24. Youguan Hen

    Prayers for all police officers and firefighters. Stay safe Sir. We are with you.

  25. A Face

    Free Hong Kong!

  26. xiaonian zhu


  27. xiaonian zhu


  28. xiaonian zhu

    作为一个中国人,都希望港澳台以及大陆蓬勃发展,香港作为中国的一部分,教育的缺失和偏见让香港人放中反共,不知道香港要暴乱到什么时候? 中国人不爱中国? 一个公民不爱自己的国家,就没有凝聚力

  29. Armando Cobos

    China is collapsing.

  30. LombardMilitia

    The elite is having parties while the people fights for freedom.
    Xi's China is like Marie Antoinette's France before the revolution.
    Why doesn't America give the Hong Kong freedom fighters weapons and money like it did with the ukrops? Not enough kikes in China?

  31. Joyce Koch

    Five demands Carrie Lam, five demands.
    This isn't going to stop till you meet them.

  32. Tong Vu

    Communist regime has to ask itself why these young people have to take the streets

  33. ong shee ling

    The moment you turned violence you have already lost because you have thrown away you the core principle. People have lost faith in you. Stop finding excuses and just stop struggling to prove something that doesn’t even exist

  34. Di Horse

    And you still not saying the word “riots” up to now?

  35. Getyour Assfatter

    It goes to show y'all that people in HongKong are not COWARDS they been tearing shit up for 4 months now and still tearing shit up lol, they say peaceful protesting ain't working those people in HongKong say you MOTHER FUCKERS y'all can't do anything you want to do, YOU MOTHER FUUCKERS.. lol.

  36. David Davidson

    🇭🇰 Hong Kong is the new Tiananmen Square. God bless the People as they stand and 🤺 for what is right; ✌, ⚖, 🕊 and =.

  37. Personal E

    0:53 did he chant allahu akbar?

  38. Ad Pk

    Doesn't look too bad. Let's get a nice aerial shot showing thousands of people covering many kilometers. Can't? Media hype.

  39. Gabriel Gonzales

    The dalai lama got teargassed?

  40. Sam Paul

    Allowing all these chaos to happen is free enough let's be honest.
    Can you imagine this happen in Shanghai or New York? These protests were not approved, so the government can simply say it's illegal and then end it with troops. HK people are already enjoying freedom.
    These HK people are ultimately trying to get HK independence, which is impossible. And China is just doing nothing about it. China likes to see HK commit suicide, while boosting its own cities like Shenzhen.
    Personally I am happy to see it too, since I am not a kind person and I have no sympathy for stupidy.

  41. YodaGrammar l

    Lol western media going all out these couple of days, repeating the same old news multiple times a day.
    Meanwhile I havn't seen a single report about the on-going French Yellow Vest protest for months…

  42. Zhu L

    If one day, California wants to break off from America because it is vehemently against the US gun laws, would those of you in the other states easily grant CA its "freedom"?

  43. Pathfinder US

    Never Ever Give Up for our freedom! Say No to CCP!

  44. Random Name

    There's a lot of anti-Democrat fearmongering in this comment section. Most of this is due to misinformation.

    Democrats want to implement policies that exist in Europe, not China. If you look at Nordic countries, they are some of the happiest and safest places on the planet and a lot of this has to do with their Socialistic policies. But, they aren't completely socialist countries.

    As for guns, I disagree with some Democrats, but most people believe we should have better background checks, less loopholes, and tighter restrictions on transactions. And none of these has to do with taking away guns.

    China is authoritarian. You can be authoritarian and implement a wide range of policies. Chalking it up to pure socialism or communism is flawed logic. The same goes for capitalism as well. China is the way that it is because it's authoritarian and not Democratic.

    This comment section just shows how uneducated Americans really are and how suscepitble they are to being manipulated.

  45. peter DaBeater

    Sh*t looked fake

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