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  1. TheTruth Hurts

    It's a great point & example for Christy to compare some other past tweets that has costed financial damage to businesses so that misinformed western audience can get a good perspective to reflects on what's going on. Because many can only see one way when it comes to China. Not even gonna mentioned who finances the chaos in these so called HK protests.

  2. Vue Lee

    Professor wolf is a sellout like the rest of the american people who work for RT. They forget that a traitor will always be a traitor, once Putin and the CCP get done using them, theyll be treated just like any other traitor. Putin and CCP will never trust these fools. Right now the CCP and putin has good use for them to divide america.

  3. Vue Lee

    She's taking this personally.

    Nobody would go to china if there is no profits to be made. What's conveniently left out is that these american companies also employ thousands and thousands of chinese people. So the Chinese people are the only ones that suffer. The billionaire american and billionaire CCP never loses.

  4. Choi chisauking

    Imagine if there were a mass shooting in the US and a high profile Chinaman wrote on twitter that he supports the shooting…… how would the Americans feel? The idiot don't even know what's going on in Hong Kong but opens his smelly mouth. In Hong Kong, the rioters that claim to be protesters are smashing up the MTR(public transport) for everyone. They are wrecking and burning down the city in order to get their demands. The majority of Hong Kong people don't agree with what the rioters are doing, but they are too scared to stand out and speak up. There are many cases where people who don't agree with the mobs gets attacked, and businesses that had voice their disagreements are now being targeted by the rioters.
    The violence has gotten so bad now, the mobs are attacking the police and throwing Molotov cocktails at them. They can openly shout obscene language at them, threaten them and their families and even shine laser lights into their eyes with impunity. If the Americans supports this, can anyone blame the Chinese for being angry?

  5. 右一仁

    No matter how do I rotate my phone and the title bar still blocking my vision, Please take the bar lower so I can have better view

  6. Kyle Brooks

    We have no business doing business with Communists. NEVER lose sight that China is taking advantage of Americans economically in an enormous way. Tired of the cry babies that experience financial pain. Grow a backbone and don't yield to Chinese backlash. Let the truth prevail! NBA losers.

  7. Ariana

    Wasn’t the whole neoliberal lie that we have to spread our capitalism to other countries like China in order to spread “democracy”
    Yet here we are, cow towing to the Chinese instead. Censoring our own tv shows, movies, and now personal opinions all for that Chinese mulaaa

  8. ba sook

    Does Trump and congress knows China outpace patents or trademarks??

  9. Wyo Dragon

    So long as US individuals, companies, media and institutions continue to expose their ignorance and insensitivities through their comments and actions, such backlash, not only from the Chinese but also from the people of other countries, will continue.

  10. ba sook

    I am guessing NBA will lose money, along with lots of US companies like Nike, Coke, ect….

  11. Chia kp

    Prof you are spot on

  12. Ts19

    So praise an autocratic government? I agree. Sports should be neutral. But these American companies pandering to the lowest common denominator is getting out of hand. Give me liberty or give me death.

  13. peter zeppieri

    Christy, you are the best!!!

  14. galeon110

    Don’t be stupid, the NBA has zero substitute, there’s no other product out there that can replace theirs. Therefore it doesn’t need to adhere to China to remain “competitive”. Christy Ai is so goddamn biased it makes me sick. Give up your American citizenship and go back to China then. Your very existence on this platform and voicing an opinion goes against the thing you’re trying to defend right now, self-conflicting hypocrite

  15. qsterama

    Professor Wolf is a national treasure! I could listen to his words of wisdom and insights into today's economy and political climate for hours and not ever be bored. @democracyatwrk

  16. Fook Oh Wong

    Freedom of expression ? Say something wrong in public, you get sued or fired in US. Adam's defence of Morey is a complete, deliberate and purposeful disregard of Chinese sensitivity. He is encouraging more violence by rioters in HK. His head should fall from NBA.

  17. DuongE Luu

    I love 💖 her so much, please be my wife 💖💖💖😂😂😂

  18. Bee be Cee

    Excellent report, Christy.

  19. Woody Underwood

    Richard wolffe you are a scumbag you have always been a skim scum back and you always will be parried gold a China or go to h*** as both places are very similar and this is why you are not in China and are here in America you dirty son of a pig

  20. Woody Underwood

    Unlike our rotten scumbag left wing professors like this jerk, thankfully most American politicians of both parties have condemned China's action against the NBA and is highly critical of the NBA apologizing to this brutal evil regime that enforces slave wage labor on its people. Doctor Wolfe says nothing about this because he is a hack for china

  21. Woody Underwood

    Old pervert must want to nail young chinese women

  22. Woody Underwood

    Dr wolff is a complete communist scumbag.

  23. Chris P Bacon

    Western sports programs like the NBA are social engineering tools aimed at the fat stupid westerner. China is best to say away from this poison.

  24. Woody Underwood

    This scumbag professor is a hack for China and wishes to see them pressure American business and make a mockery of this nation

  25. CC Chu

    Americans are so used to "shock and awe" approach in dictating their will on other nations. Other nations have feelings tool.


    Chinese are proud of their nation.
    Americans use their country as an excuse make themselve feel better about their shitty lives


    Get ready to lose a BBALL market three times the size of USAs!!!
    So many millionaire "Ballers" are gonna lose their cavier pools.


  29. kristian A

    america is always about money.. always will be.. not democrazy! only fools would believe that.

  30. William Gray

    Is this a ploy, set up or revenge against Mr. Fertitta? Something just doesn't sound right about this.

  31. James Punting

    The Colin Kap didn't have a impact like this has lol

  32. madmanjshum

    Christi and Professor Wolff is a team to reckon with in dissecting & ciphering economic and political riddles.

  33. James Koh

    Prof Wolff is absolutely right. Hit the nail on its head. Great insight.

  34. Michael Lee

    I like the accent when Christy speaks mardarin, so cute

  35. Rswa Vroo Gein

    This awake china public about hostility of US. China public need realize that anything related with US are not sustainable, with bipartisan support for oppose China they need European partner that more reliable and pragmatist

  36. Victor Chew

    Oh oh the rockets shot down by China. Hong Kong right now have no space for basketball as they're busy either rampaging and police firing tear gas. The mobsters can destroy everything they have but they cannot destroy the
    land as they belong to
    China. The UN human rights groups is silent like the grave yard, why? Hong Kong police till now is restraining with those mobsters never seen in other protest in the west. In such magnitude of carnage done after 18 weeks of rampaged no death so far. If Hong Kong were to build a concentration camp for such people is it inhumane. Is yes, dismantle guantanamo too. Last phrase. Democratic system cultivate corruption, cronyism.

  37. royce dock

    They've created a cancer in the whole system. 🤦‍♂️

  38. douglas miller

    Christy Ai is very pretty Filipino girl.

  39. OutOfSite

    3:42 the areas of sensibility? fuckface MOFO talking bullshit comparing the chinese and any communist leftist morons lies with the truth told to the chinese criminals which isn't acceptable by the chinese oppressors well-known for their terrible human rights violation n infringements

  40. Ben Wong

    Along with right of Free Speech is also the right of people to react to that Free Speech in a civil and legal manner – such as BOYCOTT.

  41. Pastor Hass

    I also notice that Houston Rockets is the very team Yao Ming was in. This means the US government was involved in this, thinking they could influence hundreds of millions of Chinese Yao Ming fans. lol Seriously, China, do you still want to strike a deal with this criminal country? All their intentions are criminal at best.

  42. PK Wong

    Well done China! Well done people of China! Be very aware of USA and Western propaganda. Strile back whenever they attack China. Rally the People of Chinese descent all over the world to boycott American goods and enertsinment.

  43. Khang Mac

    To white supremacy China will kick your mother fucking ass you just watch we know you being laughing all this time ,sorry folks party is OVER
    You want war CoME ON IN we have taken for so many years let do this , just do it

  44. Amir Farrag

    In other words, since the rockets are worth 2.2~billion, you can expect that this one controversial tweet has removed at minimum of 10+million dollars from their yearly revenue

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