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  1. Nes

    China bully only small country…they invade those they can bully..

  2. John Gonsalves

    US Can Be Sink! English?

  3. Ompal Singh

    Attack soon as possible on Devil China.

  4. 《 PaTrick》

    The Title shows how much they care about these 😛

  5. Brian Silver

    China could sink every us ship in the south China sea but they don't, Russia has the most advanced missiles in the world now ,it's gone take a couple of decades for the West to TRY and catch up ,all I have just written is a fact that you ant gonna like when u read it

  6. long thong Lee

    United snakes always bragging got guts fire the Dragon & see Dragon reaction .

  7. Jim Clarke


  8. Rau Kenneth

    Relax with all the criticism. These videos are made in India.

  9. Rau Kenneth

    Wow I had no idea that China panicked every week. They must be exhausted

  10. Cristopher Gutierrez

    I feel like China is the one posting these videos

  11. J Diggs

    I had a stroke reading the title.

  12. John Crompton

    Obama have a lot to answer for is total disregard for America defending it interests.

  13. Lucky Yiw

    Do not delude yourself. this time round if China fires u.s navy will be no where
    to see in Pacific/Asia regions again and no other navy will dare to try to take on
     China. if they do they will be totally pulverized by China newly formed rocket force.

  14. Hun Kheng Loh

    Don't talk nonsense! Tell u s to do it NOW!

  15. LadiesMan 217

    Lol first it’s the robotic voice now it’s the bad English. The fuck is this go learn something before you post something.

  16. Ribit

    Like other countries didn’t United States already could do that like forever ago lol

  17. Etech2x Won

    Damn, I thought my English was bad!

  18. D JG

    Our submarines rule.

  19. Orathai Freby

    Fight fight fight fight my friends do your best now take care of yourself I like that 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅

  20. brybry22

    British Hong Konger here. Those living in the West, Let me tell you something. If you don’t take Steps to stop China NOW, It will be too bloody late. If you want to keep your freedom, I suggest you resist Now.

  21. Garry H

    Nukes missiles are the flavour of modern times..why go conventional when you can use missiles and take out multiple targets close together like Carrier fleets of the US..

  22. Garry H

    They can do the same..lol..
    Upcoming War ! They suceed along with Russia and Iran..
    Bible prophecy..
    Face it AMERICA nobody of any power is scared of you anymore ! As most have caught up and surpassed you in some areas..fact…

  23. 2coryman

    The chinese have as much or less empathy for Americans and America as space aliens and wouldn't hurt their feelings destroying our military and enslave the USA

  24. David Ramsey

    That USA war machine back in production and the worlds on notice Trump train

  25. Whitegirlasianpenis. com

    good work china, make more trading partners with other countries and ignore america. ignore america even when they beg for cheap toxic goods to replace the things when hurricanes and wildfires smashes them every year

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